07/02/09 (B485) Shabelle – Les Tribunaux islamiques appellent le peuple Somali à prendre les armes pour se protéger des assassinats qui sont commis par des groupes dans la capitale. //ICU calls for Somali people to take weapon to protect them selves (En Anglais)

Sheik Abdirahin Isse Adow, the spokesman for the operations of the Islamic Courts Union, has called for the Somali people to take weapon to protect the assassinations of the armed groups in the Somali capital Mogadishu, Al Jazeera News channel interviews him on Friday night.

The spokesman has suggested for all the companies, the clerics, businesses, and all parties of the Somali society to take their guns to defend themselves from the aimless killing that the armed groups target to the important people of the Somalia.

Sheik Abdirahin said in the interview that the Somali people had overthrown and defeated the dictatorship of the revolutionary regime, the function leaders and also the Ethiopian troops asserting that the people can defend those who accustomed to kill the Somali people who are claiming Islam.

“The ones who murder the people are not Mujahidiin (Islamist fighters) but they are using the Islamic name to commit crimes. So we are calling for all the parties of the Somali population to take the weapon until the security situation of Somalia returns calm,” he said.

The statement of the spokesman Sheik Abdirahin Isse Addow comes as unidentified armed men with pistols shot and killed deliberately by Horn Afrik radio director Said Tahliil Ahmed in Bakara marked recently.