25/11/10 (B579) Point de vue (En Anglais) Un lecteur nous adresse ce texte : The people of Ali Sabieh City have been attacked to subdued them to accept // Les habitants d’Ali Sabieh ont été attaqués pour les contraindre à accepter … le régime qu’ils rejettent.

the plea of the regime but when they rejected regime they have been murdered. My sincere condolence to families of those murdered and may God grant the heaven.

From: Mr. Wadaani

I stand in solidarity with the people of Great City of Ali sabieh, the home of braves.

I Mr Wadaani, I bitterly oppose the constitution change of our country. God forbid, but this change of constitution may well be the end of Djibouti. Think Djiboutians it is now that you have a voice to say no the change of constitution before this leads us to a darker day of our history.

I am also very aware about the current situation of great city of Ali-Sabieh. My heart goes out to the unique people of this city. The people of Ali Sabieh are unique and central strength of this great country of Djibouti. The resilience, and indomitable bravery is an identity of people of Ali Sabieh. And I, the son of this great province I keenly aware the situation of this great city brief by brief, day by day, and incident by incident. The people of Ali-Sabieh whom I know and from die as braves when they have to die and live free and without subjugation when they have to live.

Yes, I am aware they have been intimidated, and maliciously subdued in order to force them accept the regime’s agendas. But let me remind "Les Ali Sabienne" Remember Ali Sabieh, we fought for the freedom of our country. Thousands if not tenth of thousands of men and women died for the sake of our freedom . Many of those died have not even been properly buried or their died bodies have not been recovered.

Many lost their loving husbands and their only sons and or daughters. Many went through outrageously cruel and harsh punishment, only because they fought for the freedom we enjoyed thus far. Sadly, that freedom of ours seem to be ending in the hands of few ungrateful individuals who would like to dictate who they would give a glass of water out of our freedom and who they would not. Worse yet, this freedom of ours seem to be up for sale or sort. It seems the freedom does not even belong to us any more. It becomes an item or property owned by Mr. Guelleh and his wife which they treat with whom ever they feel like. It is not secret any more in Djibouti to realize who is doing what unless we want to medicate the donkey for the sickness of the camel.

Think Djiboutians and wake up, it seems we are slowly being dissolved; and this is not acceptable at all. We Djiboutians should not waver to do our duties and free our country and people from the tyranny and ungrateful parties who think they can easily walk off with our country. Wake up Djiboutians this is a critical time of our country’s history; Because we Djiboutians are soft hearted, kind and humble it encouraged to some ungrateful people to think they can even claim our own right and country just like that.

I Mr. Wadaani, I love Djibouti