01/05/11 (B602) Un article (Safaripost.net, en Anglais) confirme la préparation d’une fête à Ottawa, le 7 mai, à la Gloire de Guelleh, sur fond de magouilles financières et de préférences claniques !!! -DJIBOUTI: Another party for President IOG is on the way in Ottawa (Info lecteur).

Few days ago, the safaripost.net got an information from a reliable source that the same group – who putted together the previous party for IOG, few months ago – are about to organize again another party in Ottawa, Canada; and they call it, « the victory party for the President Ismail O. Guelleh » of the Republic of Djibouti.

We find out that this upcoming party will be on May, 7, 2011 – 9PM at Delta Hotel, Bay and Queen, Downtown Ottawa.

The safaripost also learned that Mr. Bakal – the self-proclaimed leader of the group – is the main contact of Hashi Afweney; and received the $15000 U.S dollars from Djiboutian government.

Yet his leadership is constantly challenged – on numerous occasions by Rachid Lufthansa and the Other Bakal.

Though, we come to know that the money was wired through Dahabshil and Amaal express.

At the same time, the organizers promised; there will be a fine music in the party that night.

However, the safaripost.net got a tip that the Somalis and Djiboutians artists are going to be playing that night at the victory party in Delta Hotel, Downtown Ottawa.

Having said that, there’s already a discrimination going on within the organizers; we were told by inside sources that the organizers are deliberately discriminating against the Djiboutian artists: Omar Indhayare, Jony and Ramadan Guessaleh.

Mr. Omar Indhayari was humiliated, the well-known Djiboutian singer; Joni Aden and Ramadan Guesaleh was duped simply of empty flattery.

They are furious because – each one of them was promised to get paid just for $500 dollars; while the Ordoh family, the Borama, Somaliland artists, got the jackpot (Aydarouse, Saleman and Deka, were awarded each $1500 U.S dollars).

We also hear some Djiboutian opponents were about to be bribed in order for them not to embarrass them or protest in front of the Delta Hotel that night.

When, we got in touch Mr. Houssein Andoleh, one of the outspoken and independent opponent of the President Ismael O. Guelleh’s regime, assured us that he haven’t hear such thing. And added: « I and my fellow ‘frère des combats’ – will make sure to expose this charade to the Canadians and the World – how this despot (IOG) is wasting the money for the Djiboutian people for this silly party in Ottawa; instead of using the $15.000 dollars for something useful ».

Mr. Rachid Lufthansa finally called us to rectify our reporting.

Here what he said: « Since the Djiboutian Diaspora cannot vote or get involve the political process- I think -we should only support the elected leader, Mr. Ismael O. Guelleh; Instead of for us complaining all the time. That’s why we are supporting President Ismael O. Guelleh ».

Unfortunately, he is pretending to give a lecture – although that he is only party organizer – isn’t that funny, Lufthansa lecturing us for politics. At least, he admits that he is in for the money.

When I asked him why the Djiboutian artists being rip off?

He declined to tell me how much the Djiboutian artists and the Ordoh Family got paid each.

It’s confidential, he said. And he went on, As far as I know, everybody is happy ».

Mr. Lufthasan also challenged the Djiboutians oppositions for debate ».

He also gave me the who is who for his organization:

He said: Djama Bakal is the representative of Djiboutian government and Bakal Ahmed is the Public Relation; and he, Rachid Lufthansa is also a Diaspora issue. Kadra Egueh is as well on representative on Women Issue. Fatouma Youssouf is Cultural and religion issue; and Rachid Osman Meraneh is a Business relation

The safaripost just recieved an information that Mr. Naleye Roble join the group with the help of his friend Lufthansa. And other members are resisting. But, we cannot yet verify this rumor.

The safaripost.net will indeed closely follow with this little show off party; as long as the Djiboutian tax-payers’ money is being wasted on this triviality; Instead of spending for the Djiboutians (in Quartier 7 bis) who lost their homes due to fire.

By Mohamed Awaleh,
publisher of www.safaripost.net