28/01/2012 (B641) L’ARDUF nous a demandé de publier un communiqué de presse en Anglais. Nous le faisons en précisant qu’il n’engage en aucun cas, les positions de l’ARDHD.

______________________________ Note de l’ARDHD

Notre association ne dispose pas d’informations suffisantes pour pouvoir exprimer une position sur les événnements qui se déroulent dans cette région, surtout quand il s’agit de la vie d’otages.

Elle a accepté de publier ce communiqué
avec l’espoir qu’il permettra la libération rapide des otages et qu’il pourra apporter à leurs familles, un signe de vie et de bonne santé.


, Friday, 27 January 2012

The Ethiopian Officials Sabotaging Release of German Tourists and
Intensify Terror against Afar People

Our organization in its communication with the German diplomats in Foreign
Ministry in Berlin as well as the German Embassy in Addis Ababa has already
confirmed that the two German nationals namely; Mrs. BIANCA IRMER and
JURGEN QUICK are in our custody and safe and that we more than ready to set
them free but, the Ethiopian Regional authorities in the Afar Kilil (Afar Region) are
out and out to render those efforts null and void in order to get a plausible pretext
to unleash a war on neighbouring Eritrea and further terrorize the Afars in general
and those Afar of the zone 2 in particular.

Thus our efforts to set those German
tourists free and send them home to their loved ones is brought to naught, so far
by the stubbornness and inflexibility of Ethiopian officials.

But we affirm that are ready to set them free and sent and engage the TPLF-led
special Units to repeal immanent attack on our people in wake of the January 17
battle between our forces and that of government forces in which 16 soldiers
were killed. We warn beforehand the TPLF forces of the futility of any military
action against ARDUF forces to free the two Germans through military operation.

Any military engagement with ARDUF would not only endanger the lives of
the two German citizens in our custody but also the safety of all the foreign
tourists that visit the Volcano areas of Afar region. Although we are of the
opinion that the plight of our people will continue unabated as soon as the assure
the release of the German tourists we are for the speedy release of the German
nationals as well as the two Ethiopians in meaningful negotiation through the
local Afar leader already named to them.
We have little choice but to continue fight political killings, imprisonment,
intimidation and human right violations against our people and the situation in
Afarland is so grave that “our people have never been in so dire and deplorable
condition in all its history as it is now days under Woyane regime” as the Afar
Awsa Sultan Hanfere Ali Mirah aptly pointed out recently in his inauguration
address in the presence of the international representatives.

We have no choice
but to fight when the TPLF-Led forces persist in killing Afar civilians in the name
of fighting ARDUF or because they are allegedly deemed to be sympathizers with

ARDUF is neither a separatist organization nor bandit group, as some
international press ventured out to tell in their latest reports. But, ARDUF is an
Ethiopian Afar political organization fighting for the freedom of the Afar people
from political marginalization, economic deprivation, social exclusion, denial
access to education, health care and development rights and as well as violation
of our human rights in Afar region of Ethiopia.

ARDUF is determined to continue fighting until liberating Afar people from Meles dictatorial regime and install a
genuine Federal system in Ethiopia together with others Ethiopian opposition

Victory to the Afar people!

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