22/12/2016 (Brève 896) TPLF’S SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON ITS NEVER-ENDING PLOYS – Cmmuniqué de l’ARDUF (Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front)

The brutal minority regime of Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) retaliations to the yearlong protests in the Oromia, Amhara and other parts of the country have been extra-judicial killings, throwing thousands of innocent civilians in jail, blocking access to social media. In short untold massive human rights violations, most of those barbaric acts were executed under the guise of “State of Emergency” in order to lawfully target the political oppositions and civilians who are protesting against the political, economic and social injustice and the lack of democracy.

ARDUF believes that the imposition of the State of Emergency by TPLF/EPRDF is to deploy military forces to legalise its unlawful killings, arbitrary detention, imprisonment and to labelling opposition leaders as anti-peace and terrorist elements. As a result of the State of Emergency Law, Ethiopian civilians live under constant state of fear and violations of human rights. TPLF/EPRDF regime, on the other hand, promised to undergo “extensive reform” and substituted some Ministers on the Federal and Regional levels by Professors and PhDs recruited from the higher institution of learning. Above all, it unleashed a slanderous campaign to discredit opposition groups by playing them against each other particularly on social media.

Even the superficial manoeuvre of reshuffling officials has not been materialized so far in the Afar Region. We are sure that they will NOT bring Professors or Doctors (PhD) from institutions of higher learning in the Afar Region as they pretend to do in Tigray and the Federal level because there are none in that regard. We also pretty sure that TPLF will NOT give the Afar the right of Self-Determination to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

Since the last meeting in 2015, held in the District of ABAALA (ABQAALA) (Zone 2 of the Afar region), the Afar people have been facing unprecedented political, economic, social, security problems and severe hunger. The ruling clique appointed by the TPLF have failed to meet their legal, moral, ethical and political responsibilities and obligations to address the needs of the Afars. Instead of promoting Equal Opportunities Policy and Equality before the law, they engaged in promoting tribalism and divide and rule policies. Tribalism is now overriding the national law. Afar people are confused, frustrated and disappointed. They are angry and they have almost totally lost faith, trust and confidence in the ruling clique. ARDUF demands their immediate resignation to minimize the suffering and to give the Afar freedom to decide their destiny. In the last 20 years, only three well known TPLF servants have dominated the scene in the Afar Region, initially rendering service as ERRAND BOYS and later co-opted by the TPLF into establishing the Afar Regional assignee namely the Afar People’s Democratic Organization (APDO).

It seems those three ERRAND BOYS are irreplaceable.

The popular protest continues despite the regime’s use of massive and brutal force instead of addressing the root cause of the problem. Such measures have not worked in the past and will not succeed at present as the upraising is re-bouncing back stronger than ever. While the upraising flares in other parts of the country, the much waited for countrywide mass uprising against the regime could not be coordinated. The new Coalitions being formed must heed the lessons of yesterday, if it is to bear fruit and manifest itself in a nation-wide concerted action.

ARDUF can confirm that the call and the struggle to put an end to decades of systematic exclusion and marginalization, respect for the rule of law; genuine self-rule and democratic opening will continue with more determination than ever. Neither the State of Emergency accompanied by the deadly crackdown on protesters nor the gross violations of human rights or the slanderous campaign to discredit the opposition will stop the democratic aspirations of the Ethiopian people. The uprisings and resistance will continue until our democratic demands and objectives are achieved in spite of the TPLF’s never-ending ploys.

ARDUF calls on all Ethiopian opposition forces and civil societies to reject and denounce the politics of divide and rule by an iron fist and oppression of TPLF/EPRDF regime and support a democratic struggle to eliminate the fascist regime and to establish a genuine Democratic Federalism based on the rule of law in Ethiopia.

Military Command Centre (MCC)
Information Desk of ARDUF
Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

06/03/2012 (B646) Deux touristes allemands libérés par l’ARDUF. ( le communiqué de l’ARDUF + extraits de presse )

_____________________ Communiqué de l’ARDUF en Anglais

Press Release
tuesday march 6th 2012

The two Captured Germans are free but the Agony of the Afars Intensifies
In spite of all blockages and obstructions through which the Ethiopian Government’s
Federal and Regional officials nullified our earlier attempts to bring them to a safe place
where their safety as well as the safety and security of our fighters accompanying them is

Yesterday, (Monday 5th March 2012) at last, we managed to hand them over to
Afar elders sent by the local Afar Leader Darassa Abdalla, at 8:30pm-GMT (Ethiopian
local time at 4:30pm, night time), in Luucussi Neighbourhood (Area) located in the
District of Afxeera–zone 2 of the Afar Region.

Afar elders sent by Leader Darassa
Abdalla were Mr. Ali Seeko, Mr. Omar Osban Qaasir-Moqo, Mr. Salih Osman
Hodale, Mr. Habib Gaas, Mr. Hussein Dabule, Mr. Mussa Haydara, Mr. Darassa
Osman Balatta, Mr. Hussein Ibrahim Garra, Mr. Abdo Hussein Weeqisa, Mr. Ali
Mohammed Hamadu and as well as others.
As we all remember those two German tourists are in our hospitality from 17 January
2012, when our patrolling unit clashed with the TPLF-led Ethiopian troops where 16
government soldiers were killed and two of our fighters were taken by the government in
vicinity of Erta Ale volcano.

It was in this cross fire between ARDUF forces and
government troops that the 5 innocent European tourists were killed by the Ethiopian fire.
It was from that day on that the two German tourists were in our hospitality. Since that
date (17/01/2012) they have been in Afar Region (KILLIL) with us by sharing our
scanty livelihood.

Today, they are handed them over to Afar elders sent by the local Afar Leader
Darassa Abdalla Aliyyu in the presence of German Embassy representatives led by
Mr. Michael Biontino, Deputy Ambassador in Ethiopia to send them back to
Germany to meet with their loved ones again.
ARDUF have apologized to them and wishes the two German tourists lucky journey back
home hoping for them they will find their loved ones in peace.

We can confirm that, for many times, we tried to set them free all those days but as we
said in our earlier Press Statements the Ethiopian government who declared war on us not
only made all movements impossible in area for the last one month but also brought our
attempts to naught.

All those long the Ethiopian authorities not only to annihilate our
resistance, but also who wanted to use the incident to incriminate the neighbouring
Eritrean government in order to initiate another war on ”terrorism and its supporters”, as
they claim.

The Ethiopian Government presents the Afars whose land they are grapping
and giving to away to Indian, Canadian and American Commercial Companies and
Investors as terrorists to the outside world while they are settling Tigrigna speaking
people from Tigray Region in their ancestral land.

ARDUF can confirm that UGUUGUMO was fighting TPLF long before they seized
power in Addis from the day they massacred hundreds of innocent Afar civilians in
Barahle village in 1978 to impose their ethnic hegemony forcibly on us. We will
continue to resist and war between Woyanes and Uguugumo (ARDUF) will also continue
as it has continued for the last 33 years as they not only covet our land but also consider
us the tramp card in their sinister designs for the region as their ideologue Sebhat Negga
once said that “If EPRDF’s power is threatened then Ethiopia will disintegrate and
Tigray and Afar will go their own way”.
(VOA interview on 9 June 2009, with
Journalist Adessu Abebe).

The issue of the Afars is more complicated than most of us

But, one thing is sure that the plight of the Afars will continue as long as TPLF-led
government tries to grab Afar land and settle their people from Tigrai and the
International Community cares only and only for the fate of their tourists who stepped in
cross fire rather than for a people in the process of eradication, the Afars.


Information Desk
Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)
Contact: mabay44@yahoo.com

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Communiqué de presse mardi 6 mars 2012

Les deux Allemands capturés sont gratuits, mais l’agonie des Afars intensifie En dépit de tous les blocages et les obstructions à travers lequel les fonctionnaires fédéraux et régionaux du gouvernement éthiopien annulé nos tentatives antérieures pour les amener à un endroit sûr où leur sécurité ainsi que la sûreté et la sécurité de nos combattants qui les accompagnent est assurée.

Hier, (lundi 5 Mars 2012) à la fin, nous avons réussi à les remettre aux anciens Afar envoyés par la section locale Afar chef Darassa Abdalla, à 20h30 GMT-(Ethiopie heure locale, à 16h30, la nuit), en Luucussi de voisinage (Région) située dans le district de Afxeera-zone 2 de la région de l’Afar.

Anciens Afar envoyé par le chef Darassa Abdalla étaient M. Ali Seeko, M. Omar Osban Qaasir-Moqo, M. Salih Osman Hodale, M. Habib Gaas, M. Hussein Dabule, M. Mussa Haydara, M. Osman Darassa Balatta, M. Hussein Ibrahim Garra, M. Abdo Hussein Weeqisa, M. Ali Mohammed Hamadou et ainsi que d’autres. Comme nous nous souvenons tous de ces deux touristes allemands sont en notre hospitalité à partir du 17 Janvier 2012, lorsque notre unité de patrouille se sont affrontés avec les troupes dirigées par TPLF éthiopiens, où 16 soldats gouvernementaux ont été tués et deux de nos combattants ont été prises par le gouvernement dans le voisinage de l’Erta Ale volcan.

C’est dans ce feu croisé entre les forces ARDUF et les troupes gouvernementales que les 5 innocents touristes européens ont été tués par le feu éthiopienne. C’est à partir de ce jour que les deux touristes allemands étaient en notre hospitalité. Depuis cette date (17/01/2012) ils ont été dans l’Afar Région (KILLIL) avec nous en partageant notre gagne-pain rares.

Aujourd’hui, ils sont les a remis aux anciens Afar envoyé par les autorités locales Afar chef Darassa Aliyyu Abdalla, en présence de représentants de l’ambassade allemande conduite par M. Michael Biontino, ambassadeur adjoint en Éthiopie pour les renvoyer en Allemagne pour rencontrer leurs proches à nouveau . ARDUF ont présenté des excuses pour eux et souhaite que le deux touristes allemands à domicile chance voyage de retour en espérant pour eux qu’ils trouveront leurs proches dans la paix.

Nous pouvons confirmer que, pour de nombreuses fois, nous avons essayé de les libérer tous ces jours, mais comme nous l’avons dit dans nos précédentes Déclarations à la presse le gouvernement éthiopien qui a déclaré la guerre à nous, non seulement fait tous les mouvements impossibles dans la région pour le dernier mois, mais aussi apporté nos tentatives à néant.

Tous ceux à long les autorités éthiopiennes, non seulement pour anéantir notre résistance, mais aussi qui voulait utiliser l’incident pour incriminer le gouvernement érythréen voisin afin de lancer une nouvelle guerre contre le «terrorisme et ses partisans", comme ils le prétendent.

Le Gouvernement éthiopien présente les Afars dont les terres sont grapping et donnant à l’écart d’indiennes, canadiennes et américaines les sociétés commerciales et les investisseurs comme des terroristes vers le monde extérieur pendant qu’ils s’installent les gens parlent de tigrigna la région de Tigray dans leur terre ancestrale.

ARDUF peux confirmer que UGUUGUMO a été la lutte contre TPLF longtemps avant leur prise du pouvoir à Addis-à partir du jour ils ont massacré des centaines de civils innocents dans le village Afar Barahle en 1978 pour imposer leur hégémonie ethnique force sur nous. Nous allons continuer à résister et à la guerre entre Woyanes et Uguugumo (ARDUF) continuera également comme il l’a poursuivie pendant les 33 dernières années, non seulement ils convoitent nos terres, mais aussi nous considérer comme la carte clochard dans leurs sinistres desseins pour la région comme leur idéologue Sebhat Negga a dit que «Si le pouvoir EPRDF est menacée, puis l’Ethiopie va se désintégrer et Tigré et l’Afar se suivre leur propre voie". (VOA entretien le 9 Juin 2009, avec un journaliste Adessu Abebe).

La question des Afars est plus compliquée que la plupart d’entre nous pensent.

Mais, une chose est sûre que le sort des Afars se poursuivra aussi longtemps que TPLF-dirigée par le gouvernement essaie de s’emparer de terres Afar et à régler leurs gens de Tigré et la communauté internationale se soucie uniquement et seulement pour le sort de leurs touristes, qui a quitté en croix feu plutôt que pour un peuple dans le processus d’éradication, les Afars.


_____________________________ 20 minutes avec Reuters

Un groupe rebelle éthiopien libère deux touristes allemands

Un groupe rebelle éthiopien de la région de l’Afar a annoncé mardi avoir libéré deux touristes allemands enlevés en janvier. Dans un communiqué, le Front révolutionnaire démocratique uni de l’Afar (Arduf) précise avoir remis les deux otages à des «anciens» d’une tribu locale.

L’Arduf avait revendiqué l’enlèvement des deux touristes allemands et de deux soldats éthiopiens, capturés lors d’une embuscade. Les quatre otages faisaient partie d’un groupe de 27 touristes attaqué dans l’Afar, une région prisée pour la beauté de ses paysages arides dans le nord de l’Ethiopie. Deux Allemands, deux Hongrois et un Autrichien ont péri dans l’embuscade.

L’Arduf se bat pour l’unification des régions occupées par le peuple Afar, à cheval entre l’Ethiopie, l’Erythrée et Djibouti. On lui impute l’enlèvement de cinq Occidentaux en 2007. Addis-Abeba a accusé son ennemi juré, l’Erythrée, d’avoir planifié cette attaque. Asmara a démenti toute implication.

28/01/2012 (B641) L’ARDUF nous a demandé de publier un communiqué de presse en Anglais. Nous le faisons en précisant qu’il n’engage en aucun cas, les positions de l’ARDHD.

______________________________ Note de l’ARDHD

Notre association ne dispose pas d’informations suffisantes pour pouvoir exprimer une position sur les événnements qui se déroulent dans cette région, surtout quand il s’agit de la vie d’otages.

Elle a accepté de publier ce communiqué
avec l’espoir qu’il permettra la libération rapide des otages et qu’il pourra apporter à leurs familles, un signe de vie et de bonne santé.


, Friday, 27 January 2012

The Ethiopian Officials Sabotaging Release of German Tourists and
Intensify Terror against Afar People

Our organization in its communication with the German diplomats in Foreign
Ministry in Berlin as well as the German Embassy in Addis Ababa has already
confirmed that the two German nationals namely; Mrs. BIANCA IRMER and
JURGEN QUICK are in our custody and safe and that we more than ready to set
them free but, the Ethiopian Regional authorities in the Afar Kilil (Afar Region) are
out and out to render those efforts null and void in order to get a plausible pretext
to unleash a war on neighbouring Eritrea and further terrorize the Afars in general
and those Afar of the zone 2 in particular.

Thus our efforts to set those German
tourists free and send them home to their loved ones is brought to naught, so far
by the stubbornness and inflexibility of Ethiopian officials.

But we affirm that are ready to set them free and sent and engage the TPLF-led
special Units to repeal immanent attack on our people in wake of the January 17
battle between our forces and that of government forces in which 16 soldiers
were killed. We warn beforehand the TPLF forces of the futility of any military
action against ARDUF forces to free the two Germans through military operation.

Any military engagement with ARDUF would not only endanger the lives of
the two German citizens in our custody but also the safety of all the foreign
tourists that visit the Volcano areas of Afar region. Although we are of the
opinion that the plight of our people will continue unabated as soon as the assure
the release of the German tourists we are for the speedy release of the German
nationals as well as the two Ethiopians in meaningful negotiation through the
local Afar leader already named to them.
We have little choice but to continue fight political killings, imprisonment,
intimidation and human right violations against our people and the situation in
Afarland is so grave that “our people have never been in so dire and deplorable
condition in all its history as it is now days under Woyane regime” as the Afar
Awsa Sultan Hanfere Ali Mirah aptly pointed out recently in his inauguration
address in the presence of the international representatives.

We have no choice
but to fight when the TPLF-Led forces persist in killing Afar civilians in the name
of fighting ARDUF or because they are allegedly deemed to be sympathizers with

ARDUF is neither a separatist organization nor bandit group, as some
international press ventured out to tell in their latest reports. But, ARDUF is an
Ethiopian Afar political organization fighting for the freedom of the Afar people
from political marginalization, economic deprivation, social exclusion, denial
access to education, health care and development rights and as well as violation
of our human rights in Afar region of Ethiopia.

ARDUF is determined to continue fighting until liberating Afar people from Meles dictatorial regime and install a
genuine Federal system in Ethiopia together with others Ethiopian opposition

Victory to the Afar people!

Information Desk
Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF

ARDUF Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

Contact: mabay44@yahoo.com

12/05/11 (B603) Communiqué en Anglais de l’ARDUF (Front révolutionnaire, démocratique et unitaire AFAR – Ethiopie) pour signaler des accrochages violents avec les forces armées éthiopiennes et des représailles contre les populations civiles Afar de la Région 2 de l’Ethiopie (exécutions, arrestations, tortures …). Publié à la demande de l’organisation.

Qafar Uguugumoh Demokrasiyyoh
Inkiinoh Fooca (Uguugumo)

Freedom, Justice & Democracy
Afar Revolutionary Democratic
Unity Front (ARDUF)

Monday, May 2, 2011
Afxeera District
Zone 2 of the Afar Regional State


On 29th April 2011, Special Operation Forces of the Southern–Northern Division Unit of ARDUF launched a large scale military operation against TPLF led Ethiopian government soldiers, who have come to the Afxeera District of zone 2 of the Afar region, recently to arbitrary intimidate, harass, arrest and to persecute people thought to be sympathizing with ARDUF.

The fighting has erupted inside Afxeera localities and surrounding neighbourhoods early morning on 29 April 2011. 152, TPLF soldier were killed and dozens suffered injuries in the first fighting occurred in the Afxeera Neighbourhoods.

In the second fighting occurred in the Highway Road of Afdeera, our gallant Special Operation Forces’ successfully managed to destroy completely 5 heavy vehicles belonging to the TPLF Army and 2 Tanks by a remote controlled Improvised Explosive Devices and Rockets, resulting in the death of 79 Wayane soldiers.

Following our special successful operations, carried out against undemocratic and tyrannical regime of TPLF. The Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian army, Lieutenant General Samora Yunis gave order to his Army Forces stationed in the Afar region to use all means against ARDUF Forces and as well as, against those civilians, who disagree with or disobey the act and order of the Military Commander. In April, in deferent parts of Afar region, considerable numbers of innocent Afar civilians were arbitrary arrested, detained-many were tortured or otherwise ill treated.

Since February, 2011, the Security Forces of TPLF routinely have been using excessive and unnecessary lethal forces, extrajudicial executions and unlawful killings against Afar individuals. ARDUF holds TPLF Government responsible for the human rights violations, killings and crimes committed against innocent Afar civil population in Ethiopia.

ARDUF is a political, economic and social Organisation fighting to realise Self-Determination for the Afar people in Ethiopia; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development without TPLF/Wayane’s interference.

ARDUF call upon International community, Human Rights Organisation, USA, UN, EU, AU, Russian Federations, Islamic Conference and Arab League to pressure on the Government of Ethiopia to stop: – unlawful killings, violations of Afar human rights, land grabbing, creating conflict between the Afar and the Somali peoples in Ethiopia, forcibly evicting Afar pastoral community from their traditional grazing land in the name of the so- called ‘Development’ and to release all peoples detained and imprisoned unlawfully.

Victory to the Ethiopian People & to the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front

Military Command Centre (MCC)
Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (Uguugumo)

Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)
Contact: mabay17@yahoo.com

18/01/03 (B181) Communiqué d’Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF) en anglais que nous publions à la demande de cette organisation.

An official Statement of
the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front on the current issues.


UGUUGUMO had its inception
at the end of 1979 in Afar reaction to TPLF’s aggression in the village of
Barahle in which a number of Afars were killed. Since that date TPLF has left
no stone unturned in trying to destroy and annihilate UGUUGUMO and crush the
legitimate struggle of Afar people. After TPLF came to power in Ethiopia in
1991, the regime declared war on ARDUF and its army, the UGUUGOMO. A sustained
ground and air military offensive coordinated with EPLF (SHABIYYA) forces
was launched to eliminate our fighting forces on several occasions. The infamous
letter of President Issays to Meles Zenawe in 1997 about the allowance given
by the Eritrean government for the hot pursuit of ARDUF fighters in the village
of Badda is one example of the alliance between TPLF and EPLF.

Their coordinated policy
to annihilate UGUUGUMO continued till the rupture between the two sisterly
organizations in May 1998. Because of this development our organization had
not only gained a breathing space but also gathered momentum to accelerate
its activities. UGUUGOMO not only emerged stronger, but also was able to extend
its activities to far away places in the Afar region. We were able to protect
the defenseless Afar civilian in places as far as Awash Valley from the Issa-Somali
intrusion. Our gallant army and the Afar people at large, however, made heavy
sacrifices to score these victories.

When it became clear that
the use of force was not effective, the EPRDF leader adopted a new tactic
to achieve their old objective; to weaken and if possible to dismantle ARDUF
from within. Mr. Mohamooda Ahmed Gass, a member of our central committee and
representative of Europe, volunteered to implement this plan by defecting
to EPRDF regime. It is to be remembered that we announced the defection and
surrender of Mr. Mohamooda in our statement issued on October 21, 2002. At
that time our organization gave a statement that Mr. Mohamooda A. Gass had
been removed from all his positions and responsibilities. Mr. Mohamooda since
his surrender has announced at several meetings in Mekelle his willingness
to accomplish the mission of dismantling ARDUF from within. In a recent statement
in December 11, 2002 in the name of our Central Committee the same renegade
announced that UGUUGUMO had undertaken the "political transformation
of ARDUF from armed struggle to a peaceful and democratic struggle with the
idea of forming a political party that contends democratically for State power
in the Afar Region".

Mr. Mohamooda A. Gass
was able to lure a dozen of our fighters and organized them into a faction
that surrendered to the enemy. His statements are also designed to confuse
our supporters and international community at large by giving the impression
that ARDUF has given up its struggle, and has joined the EPRDF regime. It
is true that Mr. Mohamooda A. Gass has not only given up the struggle, betrayed
ARDUF’s programme and objectives for which many fighters sacrificed their
lives, but also his recent actions have proved that he has sold his soul to
the highest bidder. Mohamooda before his departure to Mekelle was negotiating
with the regime to surrender to SHABIYYA in order to be appointed as the governor
of Assab, a title that he lost when SHABIYYA occupied Assab in 1991. It is
to be remembered that Mohamooda was the first secretary of Derge Essapa in
Assab Autonomous Region before joining UGUUGUMO in 1995.

The TPLF leadership under
Meles has already forced the Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO)
to join the ranks of the Eritrean Opposition Alliance. Disarming the UGUUGUMO
fighters is the second step in Meles Zenawi’s plan of disarming all the Afar
resistance forces. The motto "THE RED SEA BELONG TO THE AFARS" under
which these two Afar resistance organizations fought was anathema to the Eritrean

The EPRDF regime is now
preparing to take desperate and barbaric measures to exert pressure on UGUUGUMO
forces that has ignored the defeatist faction’s call for surrender. It is
also planning a major military offensive against Afar civilian in the name
of fighting UGUUGUMO forces.

We would like to take
this opportunity to inform the Afar people in particular, the Ethiopian people
in general and our supporters and the international community that ARDUF is
intact, and reaffirm that our struggle against the dictatorial EPRDF regime
will continue with vigour and determination until democracy and justice prevail.

We promise to our people
and the Ethiopian people that this futile and desperate attempt to divide
ARDUF will fail just as other attempts has failed.

Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front