28/08/2011 (B619) Omar Gabasse souhaite une très bonne fête de l’Aïd el Fitr a tous les musulmans du monde entier.

Qu’Allah accepte nos jeûnes, nos prières et exauce nos vœux, amin.

Nous souhaitons une bonne fête à tous les musulmans et plus spécialement à toutes les Djiboutiennes et à tous les Djiboutiens. Nous souhaitons également une bonne fête a l’opposition djiboutienne et nous lui demandons de multiplier ses efforts pour combattre la dictature qui affame le peuple djiboutien et qui s’apprête à dévaluer le Franc Dj.

L’opposition doit se montrer unie et déterminée ; elle doit devenir pro-active et anticiper les actions afin de ne plus attendre les mauvais coups pour réagir. Il ne sert à rien de se plaindre et gémir, après coup, lorsque le mal a été fait.

Bonne fête également à l’ensemble de la diaspora djiboutienne. Nous lui recommandons de ne pas rester passive face au malheur du peuple djiboutien. Chacun doit apporter sa collaboration en se rapprochant de l’opposition tant à l’intérieur qu’à l’extérieur.

Nous ne pouvons pas compter sur bonne une fée ni sur un miracle pour éradiquer la dictature. Cela dépend de chacun d’entre nous et nous savons que ceux qui sont au pays, sont les victimes du régime. Plusieurs pays frères ont ouvert la voie. Nous devons soutenir les actions du Peuple djiboutien et lui montrer que sa révolte contre le régime est soutenue de façon exemplaire par la communauté à l’extérieur.

Bonne fête à toutes et à tous.

Omar Gabasse

29/07/2011 (B614) Afar Alliance Action : deux articles en Anglais à propos du Ramadan et de la sécheresse. (Info lecteur)

_______ Ramadan Kareem, Happy Ramadan

There are three days left of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar lasting 29 to 30 days and it is the month of fasting for Islamic countries

Muslims do not eat or drink during this holy day. These practices teach patience; humility and spirituality. Muslims fast for the sake of God and offer more prayers at this time.

Now Afar Action Alliance wishes all Afar a very happy; prosperous and peaceful Ramadan. We offer prayers to all our brothers and sisters back home who are going through so much. They face drought; famine, the volcano. We wish them the very best.

The Realities of Hunger and Drought in East Africa

As we know there is rampant famine in Ethiopia; Eritrea and Somalia. Hundreds have died from starvation in a few weeks. Our hearts go out to our families; brothers and sisters there in the Horn of Africa especially Somalia as they have not had a functional government in decades and they are terrorized by the group Al Shabab.

Although we have heard reporting on the drought and famine there from sources such as the BBC etc the Eritrean government refuses to admit that the territory is starving. What is strange when examined is that on July 6th 2011 after the earthquake the IRIN (Humanitarian news agency) said

“Thousands of Ethiopians in Afar State are facing critical food, water and health gaps almost a month after [the eruption]”. Eleven days later the APDA (Afar Pastoralist Development Association) reported on the crisis there outlining the effects of drought famine political instability compounded by the volcano’s destruction.

The Eritrean President just told the press categorically that there is no crisis. If this is the case we ask where did all the thousands of people that evacuated Nabro go?

Today no one seems to be willing to speak publicly about the situation in the Horn. Have all these refugees now been covered up by those in power there?

We must remind all to remain vigilant in times of strife as those who are at risk and without a voice wind up at best taken advantage of and at worse simply gone forever. There will always be those without power and representation; those caught between conflicting rulers. We call upon the world to come to the aide of those worst afflicted by the myriad of disasters ravaging East Africa.

Afar action alliance

13/05/11 (B603) Communiqué en Anglais d’Afar Action Alliance (AAA) pour dénoncer les arrestations des jeunes Afar et en particulier de Mohamed Houmed Houssein dit Charlie.

We denounce the arrest of peaceful protesters, namely Mohamed Houmed Hassan (Charlie)

Tuesday May 10, many young Afar peaceful protesters were arrested, one of which is Mohamed Houmed Hassan (known as Charlie). We demand their immediate release. We urge the government of Djibouti to recognize that human rights such as freedom of assembly and freedom of speech must be fully protected. We are at the door of true change and will continue to fight for freedom, peace, democracy and justice for Afar and other communities living in Djibouti.

At the dawn of the 21st century, we can neither run away from ourselves nor hide our realities. We are facing historical realities of our time. It is undeniable that today people like Charlie, demand respect for their human and national rights. The Afar people, like all others around the world, should not accept second class citizenship. We believe that any sane person knows that equality, liberty and coexistence are the basics of peace. Therefore, the Djibouti government should in no way be denying the Afar people’s demands.

Afar Action Alliance (AAA)

07/04/11 (B598) Afar Alliance Action (AAA) Boycott the Djibouti Elections Until the Constitution Becomes Legitimate // Boycottez le scrutin de Djibouti tant que la consitution ne sera pas respectée. (En Anglais)

Elections do not only allow for political competition, participation and legitimacy, but also permit peaceful change of power, thereby making it possible to assign accountability to those who govern

Democracy requires some level of economic development, particularly with respect to income and poverty levels. When the poverty level is higher than a standard threshold of $2/day for the poverty line and $1/day for absolute poverty, democracy may be at risk. With respect to Djibouti, the people are in absolute poverty, with 60% unemployment. This is unacceptable for a population less than one million unlike a similar country size such as Kuwait where everyone is employed.

“The electoral commission is Guelles’ personal property. The Parliament is owned by Guelles, The army and police are his and so is the civil service. In such a situation, it is impossible to change a country. As we have seen in the past, peaceful protests are not tolerated and are imprisoned for expressing their views. The Djiboutian people will never relent their rights.

Guelles plays election games because the international donors and multilateral banks make it a precondition for handouts and loans. Truth be told, neither the dictators nor the donors/banks are interested in genuine democratic elections as is evident in many Wikileaks programs. Elections to them are merely a façade.

Several years ago, former French President Jacques Chirac stated, “Africa is not ready for democracy.” That statement is now history. Times have changed.

We now have to fight for our right to democracy. Africa IS ready for democracy.

We, Afar Alliance, call on the Djibouti people to boycott the elections and to think only of a strong democratic Djibouti.

03/04/11 (B598) Afar Alliance (AAA) Freedom of speech, freedom for intimidation // (En Anglais) Liberté de parole, liberté d’intimidation

On March 4th 2011, protesters in Djibouti were to join anti-government forces however the government is making assembly difficult due to a large police and military presence.

Authorities have warned that they will do everything to try and stop the protest and have made good on this by arresting many thus far. These defensive measures taken by the government expresses the regimes’ fear of losing its grip on power and that the end for them could be very near. For those who are still able to assemble today we spend our prayers of encouragement and solidarity for their struggle and valor.

We were also surprised and dissatisfied that the Foreign Minister of Djibouti appeared on state television to discourage and frighten the people. The Afar people also know that these acts of intimidation only go so far and ultimately do not have an enduring effect of control. We also call on the international community to recognize the gravity of the government suppression and brutality against its own.

03/04/11 (B598) Who Will Determine the Destiny of Djibouti ? (En Anglais) Qui va déterminer l’avenir de Djibouti ? (Par Ali Sultan – Président d’AAA)

There are times when must find the strength and the courage to say the truth.

That which benefits the larger society as opposed to an elite few must in the end prevail. As it is known the Djibouti people have been forcibly deprived of political power in their own land as well as subjugation; marginalization, exploitation as well as the gross violations of their fundamental human rights and freedoms. There are two forces causing erosion of stability for the Djibouti.

The first major cause is the lack of organizational and ideological coherence as well as the weakness of the Djibouti leadership which has today been showing signs of unity. Secondly less informed Semi Nationalist Djibouti are frustrated by the weakness of the Djibouti Opposition Leadership that have been polluted by political interests. It is foolhardy to believe that the defection of a few traitors is the end of the Djiboutian freedom struggle. It is known that the Djibouti love freedom and a peaceful way of life.

On the other hand divisive ethnocrats that have been exploiting every ethnic group by pitting one against the other. By taking advantage of this infighting they have caused further instability and the complete lack of representation through democratic means. However we have seen a positive sign within the fractured people of Djibouti as the new generation looks towards a better future.

There is one question we cannot avoid, namely If we do not take a leading role in championing the cause of human rights and democratic representation and accountability of government who will? The time for self promotion; empty promises and bravado must come to an end. Leaders as well as followers must focus on the real issues in the hearts of Djibouti. It is impossible to bring freedom without a clear vision. Djiboutian need leaders that speak the Simple language of freedom justice and equality.

We call out to our friends who currently are supporting the regime and ask that they put aside the short term gains afforded to them. In return a Djibouti that is stable peaceful and even prosperous will be their reward. We must stand together; act together, work together, pray together to root out tyranny and firmly plant the seeds of democracy.

God bless the People of Djibouti

Ali Sultan, President
Afar Action Alliance (AAA)

13/03/11 (B595) AAA (Afar Alliance) nous informe qu’il poursuit sa campagne d’information aux USA, pour soutenir l’opposition et les Djiboutiens qui expriment leurs revendications légitimes au pays et qu’il reçoit des échos très positifs. Le dernier communiqué de vendredi (En Anglais) // Guelleh applaudit les manifesations du peuple égyptien et il refuse ce droit aux populations djiboutiennes sur des motivations inacceptables.

Respect the Right to Protest Peacefully

On Wednesday, March 09, the Djiboutian Minister of the Interior announced to the opposition that any demonstration is prohibited which intends to overthrow the regime. This is, in his view, inconsistent with the expression of a pacific challenge.

The President of Djibouti in a BBC Somali interview applauded the recent demonstrations in Egypt by saying that peaceful protest is commendable as long as there is no violence. However, by clamping down on his own country’s voices, on his own people seeking only peaceful protest, his hypocrisy is unacceptable.

The world is now witnessing that the Djibouti regime is denying the same fundamental rights it continues to applaud elsewhere in the Middle East.

We, Afar Alliance, support the rights of the people to protest, picket, demonstrate and make their voices heard no matter how ill-informed, prejudiced, and muddle-headed.

As we have said on many occasions, we support peaceful acts of protest as long as there is no violence.

However, there is a distinction between the freedom to protest and the hate-filled activities of those who deny freedom to others. Every citizen has the right to free speech and to peaceful protest.