03/04/11 (B598) Who Will Determine the Destiny of Djibouti ? (En Anglais) Qui va déterminer l’avenir de Djibouti ? (Par Ali Sultan – Président d’AAA)

There are times when must find the strength and the courage to say the truth.

That which benefits the larger society as opposed to an elite few must in the end prevail. As it is known the Djibouti people have been forcibly deprived of political power in their own land as well as subjugation; marginalization, exploitation as well as the gross violations of their fundamental human rights and freedoms. There are two forces causing erosion of stability for the Djibouti.

The first major cause is the lack of organizational and ideological coherence as well as the weakness of the Djibouti leadership which has today been showing signs of unity. Secondly less informed Semi Nationalist Djibouti are frustrated by the weakness of the Djibouti Opposition Leadership that have been polluted by political interests. It is foolhardy to believe that the defection of a few traitors is the end of the Djiboutian freedom struggle. It is known that the Djibouti love freedom and a peaceful way of life.

On the other hand divisive ethnocrats that have been exploiting every ethnic group by pitting one against the other. By taking advantage of this infighting they have caused further instability and the complete lack of representation through democratic means. However we have seen a positive sign within the fractured people of Djibouti as the new generation looks towards a better future.

There is one question we cannot avoid, namely If we do not take a leading role in championing the cause of human rights and democratic representation and accountability of government who will? The time for self promotion; empty promises and bravado must come to an end. Leaders as well as followers must focus on the real issues in the hearts of Djibouti. It is impossible to bring freedom without a clear vision. Djiboutian need leaders that speak the Simple language of freedom justice and equality.

We call out to our friends who currently are supporting the regime and ask that they put aside the short term gains afforded to them. In return a Djibouti that is stable peaceful and even prosperous will be their reward. We must stand together; act together, work together, pray together to root out tyranny and firmly plant the seeds of democracy.

God bless the People of Djibouti

Ali Sultan, President
Afar Action Alliance (AAA)