12/05/11 (B603) Communiqué en Anglais de l’ARDUF (Front révolutionnaire, démocratique et unitaire AFAR – Ethiopie) pour signaler des accrochages violents avec les forces armées éthiopiennes et des représailles contre les populations civiles Afar de la Région 2 de l’Ethiopie (exécutions, arrestations, tortures …). Publié à la demande de l’organisation.

Qafar Uguugumoh Demokrasiyyoh
Inkiinoh Fooca (Uguugumo)

Freedom, Justice & Democracy
Afar Revolutionary Democratic
Unity Front (ARDUF)

Monday, May 2, 2011
Afxeera District
Zone 2 of the Afar Regional State


On 29th April 2011, Special Operation Forces of the Southern–Northern Division Unit of ARDUF launched a large scale military operation against TPLF led Ethiopian government soldiers, who have come to the Afxeera District of zone 2 of the Afar region, recently to arbitrary intimidate, harass, arrest and to persecute people thought to be sympathizing with ARDUF.

The fighting has erupted inside Afxeera localities and surrounding neighbourhoods early morning on 29 April 2011. 152, TPLF soldier were killed and dozens suffered injuries in the first fighting occurred in the Afxeera Neighbourhoods.

In the second fighting occurred in the Highway Road of Afdeera, our gallant Special Operation Forces’ successfully managed to destroy completely 5 heavy vehicles belonging to the TPLF Army and 2 Tanks by a remote controlled Improvised Explosive Devices and Rockets, resulting in the death of 79 Wayane soldiers.

Following our special successful operations, carried out against undemocratic and tyrannical regime of TPLF. The Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian army, Lieutenant General Samora Yunis gave order to his Army Forces stationed in the Afar region to use all means against ARDUF Forces and as well as, against those civilians, who disagree with or disobey the act and order of the Military Commander. In April, in deferent parts of Afar region, considerable numbers of innocent Afar civilians were arbitrary arrested, detained-many were tortured or otherwise ill treated.

Since February, 2011, the Security Forces of TPLF routinely have been using excessive and unnecessary lethal forces, extrajudicial executions and unlawful killings against Afar individuals. ARDUF holds TPLF Government responsible for the human rights violations, killings and crimes committed against innocent Afar civil population in Ethiopia.

ARDUF is a political, economic and social Organisation fighting to realise Self-Determination for the Afar people in Ethiopia; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development without TPLF/Wayane’s interference.

ARDUF call upon International community, Human Rights Organisation, USA, UN, EU, AU, Russian Federations, Islamic Conference and Arab League to pressure on the Government of Ethiopia to stop: – unlawful killings, violations of Afar human rights, land grabbing, creating conflict between the Afar and the Somali peoples in Ethiopia, forcibly evicting Afar pastoral community from their traditional grazing land in the name of the so- called ‘Development’ and to release all peoples detained and imprisoned unlawfully.

Victory to the Ethiopian People & to the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front

Military Command Centre (MCC)
Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (Uguugumo)

Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)
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