30/01/09 (B483) Saba / 400 immigrés arrivent illégalement au Yémen (182 Somalis et 224 érythréens), ce qui constituent le plus fort contingent depuis plusieurs mois // Over 400 illegal migrants land in Yemen (En Anglais)

About 406 illegal African migrants have landed at Yemeni coast in Al-Bandar district of Abyan governorate.

According to the information center of Interior Ministry, the African migrants were 182 Somalis, including 30 women, and 224 Eritrean refugees, including 30 women.

Security sources affirmed Yemeni coastguards didn’t received such this number of refugees coming from Africa since months.

The Somali refugees have been transported to the Kharaz camp of refugees in Lahj governorate while the Ethiopian refugees have been reserved.

Meanwhile, security authorities have seized two smuggling boats coming from the Horn of Africa and referred the boat’s owners to the official bodies in order to investigate with them.

The majority of illegal immigrants on board the ships came from Somalia. Ministry of Interior revealed that more than 1,100 Somali refugees landed in the country during the first two weeks of January.

Ministry officials estimated that the number would increase as more Somali refugees are undertaking this hazardous journey to escape their lawless homeland.

The United Nations reported that more than 43,500 illegal migrants – mostly Somalis – arrived in Yemen by boat during 2008.

In 2007, Yemeni authorities reported more than 1,400 illegal migrants were either killed or went missing while attempting to cross the Gulf of Aden.

Numerous reports indicate that smugglers are forcing refugees to jump into the water as they approach the shore, so that they – the smugglers – would not be caught by the Yemeni navy.

04/10/08 (B468) SABA (Ye) 40 Ethiopiens sont morts dans le naufrage de leur embarcation près de Thbaba. //Some 40 Ethiopians have died after their boat capsized off Thbaba coastline, in Taiz governorate, ministry of interior said on Saturday. (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

According to the media office of the ministry, three Ethiopians managed to reach the coastline of Thobaba said that 40 Ethiopians died after capsizing the boat that carried them.

Security bodies started to investigate in eth incident to know more details.

On the other hand, the ministry said that the 22 Somalis arrived in the same coastline including 12 women.

Hundreds of Africans die every year trying to reach Yemen, with many drowning or being attacked by pirates and smugglers in the dangerous waters separating Somalia and the Arabian peninsula.

03/08/08 (B459) SABA (Yémen) – La récente mise en garde du Gouvernement Français déconseillant à ses concitoyens des voyages au Yémen, est injustifiée, selon le Ministre yéménite des A.E. / French caution over traveling to Yemen is unjustified, says al-Qirbi (Info lecteur – En Anglais)

SANA’A, Aug. 02 (Saba)- Recent warning of France for its citizens over traveling to Yemen was unjustified, Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi said.

Al-Qirbi said such warning was unjustified because security bodies have taken all measures to face terror acts and protect foreign citizens in the country

Such warning serves terrorist and terror acts happened in different regions of the world not only in Yemen, al-Qirbi said.

He caked for gathering efforts against terrorism.

Lately, the French government advised its citizens don’t travel to Yemen due to security reasons, asking its citizens in Yemen to practice caution due to increase security risks in the country during the few months ago.