04/10/08 (B468) SABA (Ye) 40 Ethiopiens sont morts dans le naufrage de leur embarcation près de Thbaba. //Some 40 Ethiopians have died after their boat capsized off Thbaba coastline, in Taiz governorate, ministry of interior said on Saturday. (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

According to the media office of the ministry, three Ethiopians managed to reach the coastline of Thobaba said that 40 Ethiopians died after capsizing the boat that carried them.

Security bodies started to investigate in eth incident to know more details.

On the other hand, the ministry said that the 22 Somalis arrived in the same coastline including 12 women.

Hundreds of Africans die every year trying to reach Yemen, with many drowning or being attacked by pirates and smugglers in the dangerous waters separating Somalia and the Arabian peninsula.