28/02/07 (B384) BBC – De nouvelles attaques en Somalie. More attacks in Somalia’s capital

people have been killed in several attacks in Somalia’s capital, including
a relative of the prime minister.

An in-law of Ali Mohamed Ghedi was waylaid by armed gunmen near a main market
in Mogadishu though it is unclear if this was a political attack.

African Union representatives are in Mogadishu to lay the groundwork for its
planned deployment of peacekeepers.

The UN says 15,000 people have fled Mogadishu in February as violent attacks
have escalated.

Dozens of people have been killed in recent weeks and there are fears that
Somalia is descending back into the chaos seen before the Union of Islamic
Courts (UIC) restored calm to the capital last year.

Islamists threatened to launch an insurgency after they were ousted by Ethiopian
troops and government forces two months ago.


But interim government spokesman Hussein Mohamoud Mohammed blamed the growing
number of attacks on the large number of people with weapons in the capital.

« This trend of violence may increase unless the African Union troops
are deployed to assist the government in the disarming process, » warned
Mr Mohammed.

The AU is planning an 8,000 strong peacekeeping mission for Somalia but so
far only half of the required soldiers have been contributed by member states.

Reports indicate that Uganda may deploy its first batch of soldiers to Mogadishu
this week.

Nigeria has said its 850 soldiers will be deployed from the middle of April
in three phases.

Other countries that have pledged to send troops are Ghana, Burundi and Malawi.