28/05/08 (B449) Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu) : Ethiopie : des explosions entendus dans la région somalienne – Liban -, administrée par l’Ethiopie qui a refusé un référendum sur l’auto-détermination. Ethiopia: Explosions Rock in Somali Region (En Anglais)

At a full volume blasts could entirely heard in Liban region of Somali administrative region in Ethiopia later on Tuesday according to the residents.

The explosion just about three were reported to have been under fired on a social gathering place in the region.

Its yet unknown the causalities of the blasts since no superior phone network could be accessible in the region.

Some residents in the region told Shabelle by stumpy voice phones that the blasts were targeted at the party place as some senior officials of Ethiopia’s municipal government were participating.

An Islamic group called (Somali Islamic guerilla) has claimed the responsibility of that attack.

They also added that they’ve killed some Ethiopian official at the spot but no independent confirmation about that incident could be available.

This region lies in northeastern Ethiopia, bordering on Somalia and Kenya. It is an arid region, inhabited by Somali pastoral nomads. Upon the scramble and partition of Africa in 1884 by the Europeans, the region remained given to Menelik II of Ethiopia during 1891-97, but the territory was totally engulfed in 1954.

Apart from drought, the Somali region also suffers interclan conflicts. Last month local officials told Shabelle that 11 food aid trucks had been burnt in the Gashamo area over two months. They blamed the incidents on rivalry between the Isaq and Ogaden clans.

The region has been in wars, cyclic droughts and total devastation since then, but mostly since 1960 up to now and State policies met with varying levels of resistance.

The people of the region were not allowed for self-determination by Ethiopia government, but rather subjected to longstanding hidden-sufferings and abuses by ruthless successive Ethiopian governments but armed groups hail from the region are continuing colossal resistances against Ethiopia government .