17/08/08 (B461) Shabelle / Dimanche, de violents combats avec des armes lourdes à Mogadiscio. Fresh fighting rocks Mogadishu district (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Fresh fighting rocked the lawless Somali capital on Sunday as the government troops clashed with armed islamist fighters witnesses said.

Heavy machine guns and rocket fire resounded through streets of bullet-scarred Mogadishu after the two sides have started to fight head to head.

« Rival gunmen are currently fighting vigorously in Dharkenley, » said Osman Mahdi, a taxi driver, adding that hundreds of families were fleeing the two districts as civilians were bearing the brunt of the damage.

« I have seen yet no deaths and was but I heard that People were hit by stray bullets when the violence first started but now most people have taken shelter and others fled” he added.

The fighting has started when armed masked men have additionally opened fire on police checkpoint in the district.

Its yet unknown the casualities of the two warring sides.