13/09/08 (B465) Shabelle. Des soldats gouvernementaux somaliens volent l’aide alimentaire destinée aux familles en détresse, en ouvrant le feu, pour décourager les « réclamations » populaires. TFG soldiers rob food aid for the needy (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Government soldiers on Friday redoubled the robbery they have been committing against civilians.

The increasing acts of robbery in Mogadishu are committed by government soldiers, particularly the military who have redoubled their acts of robbery against the residents of Banaadir Region.

The Dabka junction has been the scene of widespread robbery yesterday and today against Lorries carrying food aid.

The latest robbery took place this morning in the area when the soldiers attacked lorries ferrying food aid.

During the robbery the soldiers opened fire indiscriminately, causing panic among the passersby, according to what an area resident told Shabelle.

The violence cast a pall over tentative, U.N.-brokered peace talks between the interim government and opposition exiles that was signed in Djibouti.

The Islamists behind near-daily ambushes and roadside bombs are the remnants of an Islamist movement that was ousted by the government and its Ethiopian allies at the start of last year.

The leaders of that group, and other critics of President Abdullahi Yusuf, have since moved to Ethiopia’s arch-foe Eritrea and formed the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia.

They had repeatedly refused to meet government officials until Ethiopian troops left Somali soil. But last month they dropped that demand and agreed to send delegates to Djibouti although some islamists including Alshabab and UIC have refused to participate the peace talks.