04/10/08 (B468) Shabelle avec AP / La Police du Kenya a arrêté un individu soupçonné d’effectuer des missions de surveillance pour le compte des pirates somaliens. Kenyan police arrest piracy watchdog official (En Anglais)

Kenyan police have arrested a maritime watchdog official on suspicion of criminal activity just days after the official gave reporters sensitive information about a hijacked arms freighter off Somalia’s coast.

Coastal province police chief Kingori Mwangi says police detained seafaring expert Andrew Mwangura on Wednesday night. Mwangi did not specify what laws Mwangura may have broken.

Mwangura heads the Mombasa-based East Africa Seafarers Assistance Program and is a key source of information for journalists on pirate attacks off East Africa’s coast.

Mwangura was the first to say publicly that the tanks and weapons aboard the recently hijacked ship were headed for Sudan. Kenyan officials insist the armaments are theirs.