08/11/08 (B473) Shabelle. De nouveaux et violents combats dans Mogadiscio en dépit du cessez-le-feu signé à Djibouti. Heavy fighting engulfs Mogadishu, ceasefire violated (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Heavy fighting has erupted across the Somali capital, Mogadishu, officials and witnesses say.

Islamist insurgents have been engaged in fierce battles with government troops and their Ethiopian allies, and both sides suffered casualties.

It’s the fiercest fighting for several weeks and has engulfed three separate districts in Mogadishu after Ceasefire pact was signed in Djibouti by The transitional government and the opposition group of ARS.

Mortars have been hit on the main Bakara market as the government troops engaged fighting with Islamist insurgent at Florence junction.

Its yet unknown the casualities of the clashes.

Alshabab group has claimed the responsibility of the latest attacks.

These latest clashes came following the leader of opposition group of ARS has taken off to Djibouti after days he was in Somalia to push for peace pact.

Ethiopian troops helped the government push Islamist forces from control of central and southern Somalia in late 2006, triggering an insurgency.

The country’s transitional government, which is recognised by the international community, now only controls patches of the country, correspondents say.

Islamists have launched escalating attacks against the AU peacekeeping force in recent months, as well as the government and their Ethiopian allies.

Somalia has been wracked by conflict since President Mohamed Siad Barre was ousted in 1991.