14/11/08 (B473-B) Garowe On Line. Le premier Ministre somalien remet au Président du GNT la liste des futurs ministres, qu’il a préparée. Concern grows as PM hands President new Cabinet list (En Anglais, info lecteur)

The interim Prime Minister of Somalia, Nur "Adde" Hassan Hussein, told a Wednesday press conference in the Kenyan capital Nairobi that he has handed President Abdullahi Yusuf the new Cabinet list.

The Prime Minister said ten ministers who resigned from the Cabinet in July are not included in the new list.

"The IGAD conference supported the [Somali] Parliament’s no-confidence vote against the resigned Cabinet ministers," Prime Minister Nur Adde said, while underlining that the other Cabinet members who did not resign will still hold their posts.

He said the new Cabinet list has been submitted to President Yusuf for review.

The Somali president is currently in London, with emerging reports telling Garowe Online that Yusuf is expected to soon travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

It is not clear whether or not President Yusuf will endorse the Prime Minister’s new Cabinet list, especially since the ten resigned Cabinet ministers are all considered political allies of the president.

There are growing concerns that the Prime Minister’s decision to exclude the pro-Yusuf Cabinet ministers has renewed the political feud between the leaders.

The Ethiopian-backed interim government in Mogadishu has been crippled by political infighting for the past four years, as an Islamist rebellion gains ground in different parts of the country.