29/04/11 (B601) Déclaration (En Anglais) de "THE PEOPLES NATIONAL REVOLUTION FORCE FOR DEMOCRACY" pour dénoncer les conditions imposées par la dictature aux populations djiboutiennes

A totalitarian dictator benefited from the smallness of its country like Djibouti where there are no life opportunities and other necessary to live in the towns and villages in the regions which are aged over 120 years except the Djibouti city where the totalitarians dictator has monopolized everything from the smallest and to the biggest government and non government activities which make impossible to get a bread without its permission and knowledge that make it feel proud to act and speak without conscience and care whatever the consequences may be.

The Djiboutian community has not been expecting the totalitarian dictator to respect and comply with its oath and pledge to the constitution, to the community and to the international call and consensus urging African leaders to refrain from changing or amending their countries constitution in order to prolong their governance periods after the two terms periods ends .

But the Djiboutian community are aware that after the end of the cold war, dictators have no place to hide and believe the big democratic countries of the world and the democratic counties of IGAD would not accept the emergence of an autocratic governance at this millenieum, where democracy has became the only language of the world and would force every totalitarian dictator to abide the country s constitution in order to avoid civil war, .instability, destructions and promote developmental programmes.

Convinced with the silence and non- intervention of the democratic counties due to lack of baseless illegibility beside globalization,.

Convinced that the problem is a Djiboutian community problem that needs a Djiboutian community solution.

– Being aware about the total rejection and none acceptance of free and fair election requested in the 9 (nine) points submitted by the opposition parties during his so-called second (2nd) term candidacy which he presented himself and run alone,

– Being aware about the huge boycott of the people to his so-called 2nd term election which even his ministry of interior declared the abstention of 58% of the total registered voters.

– Convinced by his present auto-proclamation for 3rd term presidential candidacy which is against the constitution

– Convinced by the illegal importation of over 100,000 foreign immigrants mostly from Somalia and issued the Djiboutian nationalities in order to subjugate the rights and voices of the legal citizens.

– Convinced by his cynical nepotism based on his endless dissimulation and superlative arrogances which as habitual he recently nominated his fresh graduate daughter for the economic advisor of the president after he earlier nominated her to the “ General Manager post” for the construction company he usurped from Mr. Abdirahman M.M.Boreh while there are 100 s of senior post graduates who are unemployed and wondering idle in the streets of Djibouti city.

– Being aware about his transgressing devilish faith favored by his extreme familiar pagans faith on witches, wizards and magician which instructed the totalitarian dictator to declare his auto proclamation for the 3rd term presidential candidacy on the 25th December 2011 and said to him “ since you are an Issa by tribe and your main and strongest opponents are the Issa tribes, Issa or Jesus(christ ) will silence and paralyses your Issa tribes when you declare your auto-proclamation on the birth day celebration of Issa (Jesus) otherwise Issa (Jesus) will be with the Issa tribes according to reliable sources from the totalitarian dictator residence.

– If not so he would have waited the date prescribed for the candidates to present and declare their candidacy which again his party declared and present on March 8, 2011 that is after 2 months and 14 days after he declared his illegal candidacy.

– Convinced that Issa (Jesus) and all the prophets will not side with a Satan who defected its faith and the religious faiths but always side with justice and with the people.

– We are aware about the continuation of the autocratic dictator on its merciless and inhuman abduction of the peoples right and has prohibited the peaceful demonstration of the peoples while on the peaceful demonstration held on February 18, 2011 he limited to 4 hours after which he used force that killed 10 civilians including a pregnant woman and has wounded over 100s

– Convinced about the use of force against the peaceful demonstration of 18th February 2011 after the illegal time limit in which the autocratic dictator initiated the destructive acts carried out by the terrorists it imported from Somalia in order to defame and condemn the opposition leaders who were not at the site when the forces of the autocratic dictator attacked the peaceful civilians without the minimum human right care.

– Convinced his recent childish irresponsible game in which he indirectly Mr. MOHAMMED WARSAME whom we are aware has quit his judiciary activities due to mental sickness and who was the president of the constitution that legalized the illegal legitimacy of the second term of totalitarian dictator and helped rig the so called legislative elections to an independent contender in the so called presidential election.

– Being aware about the already ongoing semi-civil war among the youths and the transcending patience and tolerance of the community that could probably initiate civil war at any time

Thus due to this critical situation persistently prevalent to initiate the immediate destruction of the country and in the believe that ALLAH (GOD) do not foolish any people or community nor created and make them without dignity unless they themselves foolish themselves and make themselves without dignity, has make the creation of this front necessary and pertinent in order to forge a peoples solution to the overwhelming problems that have been existing in country for 34 years of the RPPs autocratic dictatorship governance.


We are neither a part nor its founders or member of any of the political parties that are united under the umbrella of U.A.D and UMD but it strongly supports and backs their peaceful struggle against the breach to the oath and pledge to the constitution after the autocratic dictator auto-proclaimed a 3rd term so-called presidential candidacy.

We are aware and know about the bad consequences of war. It urges the autocratic dictator resign in comply with two terms periods and end its greediness for power for the peace of the country to avoid all sorts of rebellions.

The PNRFD believes and recognizes the presence of all the foreign troops are an excellent special fortunes to our community and country thus the front strongly supports the legitimate wars against all forms of terrorist and pirates and is firmly against the opinion, view and policy of the autocratic dictator IOG who bases his policy toward terrorists on reason while terrorists have no ground or reason to base their terrorist acts.

The PNRFD is strongly against all forms of terrorists attacks and it is not targeting even the few government managed public enterprises such as the electricity , water , port and Airport , telephone and etc nor public and private properties but forges a pacific struggle for a change

The PNRFD is devoted and dedicated to answer the call of the community by

A) Taking all the necessary steps effectively and promptly to save the country from the outbreak of a civil war which is already on the edge beside the ongoing semi-civil war of the youngsters

B) taking an overall responsibility to put in place a coordinated response to end the autocratic government of the totalitarian dictator.

C) Using the proper mechanism on time to protect the community and the country from all the threats from the autocratic dictator

D) Pursuing a national frame work that unites the community to realize its responsibility and jointly fight against the destructive governance of the autocratic dictator.

The determination and dedication of the PNRFD is standing as a beacon of hope for the community and the nation to create a free community sharing the resources of the country equally and for better tomorrow.

Therefore the PNRFD requests the FDRE, the main homeland of the Afars and Issas, Frances, the father of the country, the U.S.A the father and pioneer of the world democracy, the democratic country in the region and the international community to support and stand shoulder to shoulder with the community to force the autocratic dictator abide to the constitution of the country and vacant the position in order to democratize the country and let the community achieve a peaceful solution and decide about their destiny.

Let us join hands in hands to put soon in place the longed hope of the community and the region by ending and substituting the politics of duplicity and hatred with mutual trust ship that could enable as work together and create better future that is free from bad government hostilities and all others that are against the will of the Djiboutian community as well the will of the neighboring communities in particular with the democratic peoples of the FDRE.

We must shun evil and seek good, and ALLAHs (GODs) creation is wide enough to enable us to do what we want provided that we have the will, the patience and the constancy to do it

– long live the peoples struggle

– Long live the mutual unity of all the democratic peoples of the world

– Long live the mutual unity of the democratic peoples and democratic governments of the region

– Down the totalitarian dictators in the region, in Africa and in the world.

Long live Djibouti
The peoples struggle is always the winner
We will win