02/01/05 (B279) Terrorist Attack Continues Against Afar in Ethiopia. 02/01/2005 Samara, Afar regional State, Ethiopia, afar news agency (ANA)(En anglais)

By: Ali Hassan

Afar news agency reported, the Issa & Gurgura terrorist militias have
lunched armed attack against the Afar civilian in Zone 5 of Afar region killing
12, wounded 8, and many Afar pastoralists were forced to leave their traditional
water and grazing areas. Nemours reports from reliable sources describe that
some 500 cattle were stolen by the Issa & Gurgura terrorist who launched
the attack on the Zone 5 in Afar Region.

At the moment, the key issue in Afar region is to protecting civilians, children
and the elderly people from the Issa terrorist attack. It is also needed to
provide medical and food relief assistant to those who displaced and affected,
said Mr. Adan Bodaya the Son of the Afar Traditional Authority of Zone 5 and
surrounding areas of Afarland. The report states that the Issa & Gurgura
terrorist acts are caused for the Afar a tragic setback, a waste and a distraction
from critical duties both domestic and regional level.

Mr. Bodaya calls upon to the two regional governments of Afar and Somali to
establish amicable dialogue and friendly negotiation to find a common ground
in order to them able to resolve their problem in democratic and peaceful
means. He also calls upon the central government to support dialogue between
the Afars and the issa. « Dialogue and negotiation would be the most realistic
and feasible means for the two parties to find a pacific resolution of this
problem. Otherwise the future of the sustainable peace, economic and social
co-operations between the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia would be seriously
doubtful » he added.