10/08/07 (B407) Sh.M.Network Nouvelle fermeture de Radio Shabelle à Mogadiscio, à la demande des autorités somaliennes. Cela fait la cinquième intervention de ce genre !!! Somali’s transitional government has shut down Shabelle radio, the major media station in Mogadishu on Friday morning and arrested some of its staff working today. (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Around 9:30am local time, the soldiers raided the station entering the radio’s rooms and took all the journalists on work. into the custody And ordered the shut down the station which is free media outlet.

The latest radio closure came as recently the Ethiopian embassy threatened to Shabelle that it would be closed over how it covers the current stories.

It is not yet clear why the current government closed down Shabelle radio this time.

The acting chairman of Shabelle Media Network and other nine of its staff including reporters, anchors, presenters and technician.

The arrested staff members include:
1. Jafar Mohamed Kukay
the acting chairman of Shabelle Media Network.
2. Nimo Hassan Abdi, (reporter)
3. Aideed Abdirahman (reporter)
4 Ahmed Tajir, news anchor
5. Abdinor Mohamed Kediye (reporter) and News Caster
6. Mustafa Hussein Omar (Presenter)
7. Cali Ajeey. (Farsamo yaqaan).
8. Mucawiye (Presenter)
9. Bile Abudlahi (Presenter)

It is the fifth time that the government closes down the independent Shabelle Media network for covering the current facts.