24/08/07 (B409) Shabelle Network – Un soldat gouvernemental condamné à mort et exécuté dans une école de police, en Somalie, pour le meurtre de l’un de ses camarades. – Somalia: A govt. soldier put to death after murdering a comrade (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Mogadishu 23, August.07 ( Sh.M.Network)- The Somali armed forces executed a government soldier at former Somalia’s execution field in the army academy "Scool Polizia" alongside the coast of Mogadishu on Thursday.

The soldier was sentenced to death by a Somali martial court after he was proven guilty of deliberately killing a comrade last month, according the police spokesman, Abdiwahid Mohammed Hussein.

He said the private, Farhan Abdi Kulmiye, was shot dead by a squad of the armed forces, while he blindfolded and his hand and legs firmly tied inside School Polizia.

Hussein stated that justice has been served.

Nonetheless, the press has been refused to either make live coverage or take pictures.