26/05/08 (B449) ALL AFRICA avec Shabelle Network – Somalie Un commandant des forces islamistes déclarent « Nouc combattrons les forces des paix des Nations unies » / Somalia: ‘We Will Fight Against the UNvForces’ Islamist Commander Said (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

On of the Islamic courts union army commanders Sheikh Hassan Mohamed known as « Turkey » has called for Somalis to fight against the United Nations authorized troops scheduled to send to Somalia.

Speaking to the local radio by telegram (Hello Hello) telecommunication he added that it’s required to be equipped with a new fighting martyr against the UN peace keepers by the whole Somali people.

« Somali nation have previously won against so called UNISOM (UN peace keeping forces for Somalia » in 1990 and we will not be weary to kill/fight them » Turkey said in the news conference.

Asked about the reconciliation efforts brokered by the United Nations and the ARS members took part the talks in Djibouti he added that it’s was the time of talks but it’s the time of Jihad and he shrugged off to answer his view about ARS members participated Djibouti peace talks between Somali government and the opposition groups.

Shabelle asked Mr Turkey whether he was deterred by the US warplanes air strike that was killed Aden Hashi Eyrow one of highest Islamic courts fighters in Dhuso Mareb town he said that he was very in high spirits to be killed on his way to the Jihad against what he called « the enemy of Somalis »

Mr Turkey is one of the hardest stance leaders in the Islamic courts union leaders.

The remarks of Hassan Turkey come as the United Nations goes on with peace process and reconciliation talks between Somali government and the opposition groups.