10/07/08 (B455) Les Ethiopiennes rompent l’embargo sur les armes à destination de la Somalie. 15 avions, dont 7 remplis d’armes lourdes auraient atteri à Baïdoa en Somalie en contravention avec la résolution votée par les Nations unies. Et il y aurait eu d’autres vols avant, transportant des armes et de l’artiellerie. Ethiopia breaks UN Somali arms ban (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

80% of ammunition on sale is from Ethiopian and Somali troops.

About 15 planes loaded with military weapons for Ethiopian troops have landed in Somalia despite a UN arms embargo on the country.

At least seven flights carrying heavy weapons and military hardware landed in Baidoa airport about 250km from Mogadishu, while another eight landed in the capital city’s Aden Adde airport, a government official who refused to be named told Press TV on Tuesday.

The government-backed Ethiopian troops have transported the weapons to their military bases across Somalia, the official added.

The airport in the breakaway Somaliland has also been used in the past three days to import massive amounts of artillery into the war-shattered Horn of Africa nation.

According to the United Nations, Somalia is awash with weapons despite a 1992 weapon ban that followed the collapse of the central government a year before. Somalia has been engulfed in civil conflict ever since.

Ethiopia and other neighboring African countries have denied accusations by a UN weapons sanctions committee that their soldiers broke the world body’s arms embargo on the conflict-torn country.

Boats, planes and donkeys mainly transport weapons and military hardware to Somalia’s numerous arms markets. Experts say 80 percent of ammunition on sale in Somali markets come from Ethiopian and Somali troops.