04/08/08 (B459) Press TV / Un homme d’affaires proche des milieux éthiopiens et trois soldats tués à Mogadiscio par une véhicule piégé. / Somali businessman, 3 soldiers killed (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

A car bombing outside Mogadishu has killed a Somali businessman, linked with Ethiopians, along with his assistant and 3 government soldiers.

The businessman, closely associated with the Ethiopian government was killed after a bomb, planted in his car, went off in Hiiran region town of Balet Weyne, a Press TV correspondent reported Sunday.

The businessman, whose identity has not been released, had been warned several times by fighters loyal to the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) against delivering water, food and fuel supplies to Ethiopian soldier.

Somali turned to a battle scene following the 1991 deposition of the former president Mohamed Siad Barre. The war-battered country happened to experience a semblance of stability after the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) fighters came into power.

The UIC, however, was removed from power following a 2006 US-backed Ethiopian invasion of the country.