17/08/08 (B461) Press TV / Pendant que des discussions de paix se déroulent à Djibouti, les troupes éthiopiennes d’occupation en Somalie ont tué plus de 100 civils en deux jours. Ethiopians kill 100 amid peace talks (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Ethiopian troops kill another 100 civilians in two days.

US-led Ethiopian troops have killed another 12 Somali civilians north of Mogadishu, taking the death toll of the past two days to 100.

Meanwhile, the Somali parliament for the first time condemned the killing of large number of civilians by Ethiopian troops, Press TV correspondent reports.

The development comes only a day after UN-sponsored talks in Djibouti began. Delegations from Somalia’s interim government and opposition groups met, hoping to renew the faltering peace deal struck in June.

The three-day meeting aims at finalizing details of a peace agreement worked out in June between the Somali government and the opposition Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia, ending the hostilities that have resulted in so many deaths in a civil war that has lasted 30 years.

A senior representative of the Hawiye clan, Mohammad Hassan Haad, confirmed the number of deaths for Press TV, saying that despite the peace talks in Djibouti, Ethiopian soldiers continue to kill innocent civilians and refugees sheltering in camps.

As a representative of the most powerful clan in Somalia, he called on the opposition Alliance to pull out of the talks in view of the recent deaths.

According to Hawiye clan authorities, the 100 bodies of those killed by Ethiopian troops in the past two days will be buried in a mass grave.

The recent deaths come only two days after Ethiopian troops opened fire on two civilian minibuses killing at least 46 passengers, most of them women.

Thousands of people have been killed and more than a million others displaced since the US-backed Ethiopian troops invaded the country to support the transitional government against local fighters, mostly the Islamic Courts Union, in 2006.