13/09/08 (B465) Shabelle / L’UIC affirme avoir déployé des effectifs islamistes pour séparer les clans somaliens en lutte …Islamists say they deployed troops between warring clans

The Islamic courts union has announced that they’ve started maneuvers regarding bringing to halt deadly clan fighting erupted neighboring regions fences.

The UIC military operations spokesman Sheikh AbdiRahin Isse Addow told Shabelle that they’ve deployed Islamist fighters between the two warred militias to prevent from additional fighting in the next-door regions.

“We sent forces there to separate the two warring Somalis, its deplorable Somalis to fight within them while the enemy is brawny in our motherland” Isse said.

An elder in Eldher village where the battle erupted told Shabelle that at least eleven people have been killed in the fighting.

“Most of the deaths were the result of a series of hit and run attacks between the Hawadle and Abgal clans” the elder who declined to disclose his name said.

Traditional tensions in the area over scarce water and pasture have been exacerbated by hyperinflation and drought.

El Dhere village locates between middle Shabelle and Hiran region and its 330 kilometers (205 miles) north of the capital.

Elders in the region have intervened the violence and were trying to negotiate peace.

Somalia has been without a central administration since the downfall of the former military government of Siad Barrie in 1991.More than 500,000 people have died in fierce wars, millions displaced in the country and hundreds of thousands have sought refuge in foreign nations since then.