18/11/08 (B474) Shabelle 16/11 / Le Premier ministre somalien forme son gouvernement et réintègre trois anciens ministres qui avaient démissionné en signe de protestation, parmi les 10 ministres en titre et les 17 adjoints. Somali premier appoints cabinet Somali prime minister has appointed 17 ministers of his government. (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

The appointed ministers are following:-
1: Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed the Post and telecommunication minister
2: Ismael Abdi Mohamed the Justice and religion minister
3: Abdullahi Sheikh Ismael the education and heritage minister
4: Ahmed Mohamud Gonle the foreign and international corporation minister
5: Abdirahman Osman Dirir business, industries and tourism minister
6: Abdiwahid Elmi Omar the constitution and federal minister
7: Abdalla Boss Ahmed the defense minister
8: Abdirahman Jama mineral and energy minister
9: Ibrahim Habeb Nor the general workings and resettlements
10: Fahma Ahmed Nor the women and family affairs minister

Deputy Ministers
1: Mohamud Mohamed Ovekio the deputy finance and planning minister
2: Ismael Hassan Mohamud Timir the deputy constitution & federal minister
3: Hassan Moalin Husein the deputy general workings and resettlement
4: Mohamed Sheikh Yusuf the deputy justice and religion affairs minister
5: Bashir Mohamed Aden the deputy education and heritage minister
6: Ibrahim Isaq Nor the deputy sports and youths minister
7: Abdirashid Mohamed Hidig the deputy trade and industries minister
8: Mohamed Barre Hassan the deputy interior and security minister
9: Salad Ali Jelle the deputy defense minister
10: Yusuf Mire Ugas the deputy flights, seaports and air transportations minister
11: Dr. Osman Husein the deputy minerals and energy minister
12: Qadar Hasan God the deputy agriculture and land development
13: Hasan Ibrahim Mohamed the deputy Posts and telecommunications minister
14: Ibrahim Ali Salah the deputy health minister
15: Ali Mohamed Ahmed the deputy animals care, fishing and environment
16: Jamilo Said Yusuf the deputy women and family affairs development
17: Mohamed Muhumed Adan the labor and social affairs minister

The newly appointed minister is included 3 ministers those have previously quitted from the cabinet.