28/11/08 (B476) Shabelle. Le Ministre somalien de la défense exclut de lancer des attaques contre les villes tenues par les islamistes extrêmistes. // Somali government rules out attacks on insurgents seized towns (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Somalias deputy defense minister Salad Ali Jelle has ruled out attack on the towns seized by the strengthening Islamists.

Speaking to Shabelle radio Mr.Jelle has described the spiraling of the Islamists seizures of towns caused by lacking strong forces by the transitional government those can defend the towns against so that his government wasnt geared up for any attack on the Islamists strongholds.

We arent prearranged for any attacks against the rebels now, because of lack of strong forces Jelle said.

He further said that his government supports the Djibouti peace government that jointly signed by the government and the opposition group of ARS.

Jelles remarks come as the insurgents have increasingly seized many Somali towns from the weak governments troops those have been blamed of oppressing the civilians by Mogadishu residents.