25/12/08 (B479) Selon un communiqué du front de libération de l’Ogaden (ONLF), les troupes éthiopiennes auraient tué 48 personnes. // Woyanne troops gun down 48 civilians in Ogaden

ONLF Statement on Massacre in Mooyaha Village, Ogaden

The Woyanne army in Ethiopia has carried out a wanton massacre in the village of Mooyaha near the town of Ararso 50 Km north west of Dagahbur, Ogaden on the 17th of December 2008.

The Woyanne troops rounded up the villagers and started gunning them down indiscriminately. Forty eight civilians mostly comprised of children, women and elderly died on the spot and at least fifty are gravely wounded.

There were no ONLF forces in the area to justify an attack on the village making this a deliberate and planned massacre. On the same day, the Woyanne army also killed six civilians in Galalshe town near Fik.

The Woyanne troops have now sealed off the area and are preventing surrounding communities from coming to aid their compatriots with the wounded and to bury the dead. They are working hard to eliminate the evidence of this massacre.

The ONLF believes this is the beginning of a new round of genocide in the Ogaden where there has been an increase civilian attacks by the Woyanne regime, including attacks using helicopter gunships against civilian targets.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) calls upon the United Nations to send an urgent mission to the village and investigate this massacre while providing necessary aid to the remaining survivors.

Furthermore, the ONLF calls upon the Security Council to hold the Ethiopian regime of Meles Zenawi accountable for its crimes against Humanity and Genocide in Ogaden.

The ONLF is once again informing the world that Genocide continues in Ogaden and further delays in a direct international intervention will result in the continued loss of innocent civilian lives.

Ogaden National Liberation Front