16/05/08 (B499) Ethiopie : le régime de Mélés ordonne la fermeture des routes qui conduisent au nord du pays (Région d’Amhara, villes de Gondar et Gojjam) – The Meles regime closes roads to northern Ethiopia (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Following the recent arrest of several individuals for allegedly plotting to assassinate Meles Zenawi and other Woyanne regime officials, roads to northern Ethiopia towns have been blocked and only those with identification cards can pass through the several check points.

According to Ethiopian Review sources, the Woyanne regime took this measure to catch more suspects from escaping to the country side and join the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF).

In recent months, the number of Ethiopians who are joining EPPF has been increasing as the political repression in Ethiopia by the Woyanne tribal regime has intensified in preparation for next year’s general elections.

The EPPF radio, YeArbegnoch Dimts, has reported about the blocking of roads to Gondar and Gojjam* in its recent broadcast, and Ethiopian Review has been able to independently verify the news.