22/05/09 (B500) Afar Forum : informations qui nous ont été adressées en Anglais et que nous publions sans modification et à la demande des animateurs.

Dear all as promised we have but together hastily for you leaders of red sea afar people
to give you updates on struggle and will brief you conference and resolution and recommendation , a call for solidarity and way forward to reach our ultimate goal of self determination for red sea afar in Eritrea.

THE ROOM NAME IS « peace justice and prosperity for afar »
time 10am Eastern(north-america), 5pm ethiopia,djibouti & 4pm most of europe

I have also tried to include the urgent Topic( issues) in afar region , Like Sugar cane and Issa conflict And other development in the region , the leaders of afar region are currently in 15 day conference in Debr Zeit. Unfortunately they could not attend this Saturday but showed great interest of meeting you all, will approach them on next convenient date.

First of all make sure you have a paltalk scene. If you don’t have it, you can download it free from www.downloadpaltalk.com

Once you get the paltalk you will have to create a nick name, in this case we prefer your actual name because of the related issues that we r going to discuss.

–once you enter the « paltalk scene »
—– click on the « action » on the top bar
—– then on drop down menu click on « join chat rooms »
—– then scroll down & click on « social issues & politics »….Category
—– then click on « human rights »………………………………….Sub-category
—– scroll down till you locate room « peace justice n prosperity for afar »
then double click

For More Info You can Contact Jamal at dankaliya@hotmail.com

Thank you All.
Ahmed Y Mohamed