23/09/09 (B517) The report Deberkalleh in English (continued – ENG 6 -)

Le dossier complet

Plainte déposée devant le Procureur éthiopie pour l’assassinat des vieillards et d’enfants Afar à Guerrissa et dans les localités voisines
(lien avec l’article – 2005)

President Ismael Omar Guelleh

Part 6

Analysis of personality Guelleh, which explains its handling of the conflict and not keeping promises.

II s’ act instead of a person fully informed on the methods of manipulation, falsification of facts or creating artificial phenomena and disinformation mass media or journalism in the country or abroad eg the IDA, The NATION, THE RTD, BBC (Somali section that protects politically), Jeune Afrique L’IDIOT or others …, he has used wisely or passive complicity on the individuals and he wants to convince observers that.

In the same vein, he never loses sight of the importance of action and psychological preparation on the person or the community in which he planned to do later, an official manner or not. It’s actually on that plane that his intelligence is quite terrible and effective as it shows on his part, a true secret work upstream transmission and spread prior information oriented and activation of agents ‘prepositional influence already has this effect as well as the establishment or development activity in financial structure as a support.

The importance and exclusivity that i. O.G. attributed to the use of these kinds of methods in his government management of the country, we can see that another of his priorities is to try to control all costs, any individual or group of individuals, a way or another.

In Djibouti, this aspect of his personality applies especially to people who succeed in life without having him (he does not control). For this, being convinced, as money equals power, he attacked, among others, people who have money especially when they were most enriched legally. Believing they are dangerous for him (likely to finance its opponents), since it has no control over them, it ruins them, pure and simple, destroying, by its agents of SDS interposes in business or commercial debts by tax charges of considerable financial administration.

And in case this did not work, he goes to any part of a national security operation to reach a fictitious absolute control over these people.

In the same vein, being suspicious in the extreme and has a fearful degrée which is more paranoia than simple prudence, he takes great care was wet and the most corrupt people especially those close colleagues who have immediate imperative to share and join a management iniquitous and mafia in the country.

Having urged their morality and their personal responsibilities facing the nation and has a face whatever might happen in the future, he believes not only having thus ensures its rear but also to continue to exercise control over them.

We must know that all Djibouti’s people, who refuses to take bribes and which increased the general interest of the state and nation before self-interest, have eliminated almost all of way or another.

In fact these people are regarded as the negation of the mafia in order force in Djibouti, they must emerge in one way or another. Thus the pressure exercised on them are such that they slide into madness strength of khat or drinking … or end up in abject poverty, or emigrate Overseas Europe, Canada or the USA … or are physically removed especially if they are considered dangerous by IOG (suicide, accident, poisoning).

Finally with this area comes a manipulation and intimidation, and unfortunately for him is the ideal way to govern a nation, it is essential to be informed that this individual has no qualms in deceiving and lure entire communities which either draws the members together or that either was violently opposed to other nearby communities.

Thus, in this process, important and crucial for him, because according to its design, it is that which allows him to sit down and ensure the sustainability of its power over others, he uses a profusion money financing, buying and corrupting the personalities that count in these communities. This was the case with Somali communities in the trafficking of Arta, and so is the endless stories of communities in Afar and Issa was both Djibouti and Ethiopia.

In fact, it’s well the time of the Civil War, he spoke on the Issas in convincing them to counter the actions of FRUD weapons supposedly to defend their interests as a community to the Afar.

Subsequently when the peace accords, has committed itself to satisfy all demands of the Afar rebellion, he was content to buy and corrupt leaders of the front. And so with the wet and perverts, he managed to cut the Afar community in Djibouti and Ethiopia (see agreements with Mr. Ougoureh Kifleh and Jean-Marie FRUD). Indeed it is the same case was presented on agreements with Mr. Ahmed Dini and others, rest his soul Amin …

Both communities have indeed been lowered and manipulated since none of them consider themselves happy today. Instead, he continues his misconduct has them since knowing that soon in April 2005, it will have very serious problems with the Issa as more and more they show their opposition to national policy and regional, and organized them in this endeavor to counter his policy proposals.

Moreover, noting the growing discontent within the community "ISSAS" It creates so underhanded by agents interposes an armed confrontation with the Afar not Djibouti has but Ethiopia has ADAITOU, GADAMETOU, ENDUFO, GAWANAS and others. ..


If possible also expected in the region and Dikhil Yoboki to once again divert their attention and energy on the fictitious defense of their interests against the pastoral Afar in Ethiopia and Djibouti.

When was the last, holding the same language and having the same attitude towards the Issas, they participate fully in this vicious handling maneuver which actually emanates that the destructive will of IOG has the respect of both communities "innocent".

Since the independence of Djibouti, the plan to create endless conflicts with almost all ethnic groups in the region including: the Issak, the gadabourcis, Darod, the Oromo, the Tigre, the Ahmar and the Afar … In short all these communities have a "dent" against this plan and awaiting the opportunity for revenge.

Here is my conclusion on personality and how to act IOG:

An observation staggered mode of action of "ISMAEL OMAR GUELLEH in its business, allows me to note that some constancy is found regularly in deciding how to proceed and manage files. This finding may formulated as follows:

1) – II binds first I aim it is to achieve this goal is conditioned on its priorities, and the fact that it was necessary in the circumstances of the moment.

2 (- II outlines the steps by which it must pass to reach its goal. These different stages become for him so many milestones and people or observers are notoriously wrong on this, because when IOG has entered a these steps, they believe "all" that has achieved its primary objective. This is not surprising since both his speeches and in his actions "official", he does everything so that people are really convinced.

3) – For the essential steps for the success of his plan, he always used to add other events that have a priori nothing to do with his goal but for him have only one goal :

a) totally disorient observers or party to prevent them understand their intentions and thus avoid being counter to his plans.

b) A true expert in deception and disinformation (experience in school-KGB), he does not hesitate to pass this important maneuver for him to commit enormous human, financial and material.

He even goes up ‘to engage in political agreements or by false promises: its name, function, speech or his country, so for him to divert attention from interested parties regarding its true intentions towards them is crucial.

In conclusion, the only way to oppose and thwart his plans complicated is whether to follow daily and was able to read through the intricacies and convolutions of its multiple manipulations and its different positions it adopts. Not according to his mood and circumstances of the moment, as many people tend to believe, but rather along the lines of his original plan … the people who coexist for a long time include the reading of this report …/. ..

His mentality and its motto is a promise or word that binds man or woman who believes … see FRUD agreements or other international agreements … the Ethiopian Government, French, Yemeni, Somali or Somali Landes know that these agreements have never been respected by IOG and the Djibouti government.