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Le dossier complet

Plainte déposée devant le Procureur éthiopie pour l’assassinat des vieillards et d’enfants Afar à Guerrissa et dans les localités voisines
(lien avec l’article – 2005)

From the primacy and pervasiveness of security

Second part – § 9

I.O.G. being convinced that the people do not like (on this point he is right) and it adheres to its policy because he fears, has as we have previously stated, given undue importance its security services and put at their disposal all the resources of the state. This situation clearly demonstrates the will of IOG to base its governance of the country on a "secure" excessive population.

Thus, in this part, besides the explanations given below on some organizations or informal security systems, we strive to provide our readers with a detailed overview of the organization of security services official or semi-official and their nesting and hierarchies.

a) The Department of Documentation and Security
(Commonly called S.D.S)

In foreword, he must know he was about to make this service a direction given the importance that since the accession to power of IOG, it took the government policy of Djibouti.

The S.D.S. is responsible for internal security and outside the Republic of Djibouti. It is directly controlled by the named Hassan Said Kaireh, although the latter have been appointed last year as Chief of National Security to the Presidency. He enjoys the full confidence of I. O.G. for whom it has long been the man of low maneuvers and the executor of dirty tricks and other illegal manipulations.

However, I.O.G. being an instinctive distrust and his whole policy and his regime are based on security, he channeled all cases handled by Hassan Said Kaireh by his wife Madam President Khadra Haid.

However, he reserved to address certain issues with him. We can therefore say that Hassan Saeed Kaireh is supervised by Ms. Khadra Haid. The latter is very active, very influential in her husband, and a thousand times more manipulative than he as to Djibouti as a regional (Somalia, Ethiopia & Somaliland).

The S.D.S. is the main instrument of government IGO that by this means control, terrorize and pressure the country. The apparent agents of the service, are a priori but not many people at the end of each month point to this service are endless since a large part of the national budget allocated to it. Moreover, the S.D.S. to many other sources of income some of which were already cited in this report.

In addition, a large number of agents not apparent with the needs of their office, commercial activities and therefore consequently making huge profits, paying back part of their service or on order, take into account and fund some covert operations .

At one time the editor of this report, remember that this method was generally the one who applied for operations in neighboring countries like Ethiopia, Somaliland, etc …. That was all the more easy than some of those rich agents were already installed in these countries.

Also as part of the funding arrangements for this service, you must know, being competent in the field of legalization and investor interests wishing to settle in Djibouti, there is no embarrassment to perceive what must commission or percentage.

Otherwise, everyone can understand that such a service that holds such power that he uses royally and arbitrarily, can afford to rob anyone or any business or social organization.

In Djibouti, the reality of the terror inspired by this service is such that everyone seeking favors from his staff and especially the favors of Hassan Said Kaireh.

Indeed, the simplest unemployed, from the most senior officers (senior officers) the army and the administration or government ministers, everyone is very caring for her and carry her to the letter guidelines.

But as man is cleared rather shy and shows a weak personality. But we believe that this latter point that is its strength because it’s the kind of personality that prefers IOG since a priori such an individual ensures a faithful execution of his instructions and interference-free transmission of information given to them.

One of the qualities he prefers in Hassan Said Kaireh is its ability to have no qualms and cases of conscience in eliminating human beings for reasons of state or personal reason.

To give an overview of this service to our readers, we should mention its field of action. What you should know is that this service has the right to do whatever he wants because of fact (his head is the Chief of National Security), it is appropriate everywhere and for any matter which that it is. He suffers no restrictions except in cases of cons-order IOG and his wife. It is not only competent in economic terms, as we saw just now but also in terms of administration, the Army, National Police Force who are under his orders, and on the activities of all other Ministries.

It also S.D.S. which is charged with espionage-cons then monitoring the activities of foreign diplomatic representatives or not. It’s that service that is responsible for overseeing operations in large sizes that the common IGO leads to the inside or outside the country.

For example, it was he who, late last year, oversaw the operation that was to initiate and carry out armed actions in Somaliland. The actions should lead to the secession of the Awdal region (region and Gadabourcis ISSA) as well as sabotage the port of Berbera by making sank boats and destroying docks and other important infrastructure.

This oversight on the part of the service took place despite the fact that two government ministers (Minister of Finance and Economics Yacine Elmi Bouh and the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. Mohamed Said Barkat) had already been this file support. In another case, it is that the SDS using the National Army and its ways oversaw the operations of receiving, transit and transportation of arms to the Eritrean city of Mogadishu to the benefit of the Somali Transitional Government .

It also S.D.S. which dealt exclusively and must always continue to address the issue of file Oromo Liberation Front, very well seen in Djibouti recently.

In general, it should not lose sight that, although qu’IOG use of foreign ships to reach the objectives it set itself as part of its regional policy, it is the SDS is entrusted with monitoring and management using financial resources of the state and especially by using the elements already installed in the country where the transaction is to occur.

In another aspect of the plan such service that makes it powerful Djibouti lies in its ease to imprison, torture or morally or physically remove a person.

Not only on the judicial level, the SDS has under his command the Gendarmerie and National Police Force (NPF) to whom it may entrust any investigation, but the service’s ability to handle himself in court cases. To do this he has his own men and his own department who can legalize their activities, even more illegal.

One of these departments is responsible for the physical removal of individual dangerous to the regime or IOG, this department is considered secret and occurs only on the direct orders of IOG and acts only after all the political conditions were considered adequate, except of course the case of an emergency. This department consists of elements whose loyalty has been proven over the years and occasional items from the crime Djiboutian or regional. Generally, they are once their mission accomplished, pure and simply executed, ie they are even more physically eliminated.

This will eliminate the fact or to secure items of the SDS, or the fact of a small team of liquidators of the very close family IOG

Thus, in this way, there will be no trace and no one can go back to him, especially as the rule for any disposal of the cover up by suicide or accident. This is one reason why, in Djibouti there is a considerable number of suicides and unexplained deaths.

Another department of art of this service is responsible for listening and monitoring of telephone and computer to residents in the country. Note that this department is booming for the Presidency to a special interest. It is indeed a means best suited to our time to harvest information in a country policeman who really has no confidence in its people and the fears.

b) The National Police Force NPF –

Under the regime of President Hassan Gouled, the NPF was powerful and depended directly IGO who had an instrument capable of counterbalancing the power of the national army in which his confidence was not total.

For I.O.G. the F.N.P. at that time was also an instrument to assert its authority and put away the other contenders for power. Indeed, combining elements of the SDS and the NPF he rose from the fictitious business generally on the authorities that he wanted to eliminate.

The grip of the NPF has been facilitated by the presence at the head of the force of his lifelong friend, General Yacin Yabeh Galab (Issas Fourlaba).

After 1999, ie after that i. O.G. has attained the highest office and he became President of the Republic, he approached the staff of the National Army and began to subdue and organize their own way. Thinking that he had taken over the national army since the Staff has sworn allegiance, IOG felt less need to keep the NPF and began to see more and more, this force as a threat to him, especially since divergence of views had arisen between him and General Yacin Yabeh, the head of the NPF it felt to have played a key role in the successful career of his friend, claimed as a reward for his efforts, the post of Chief of National Security.

From there a misunderstanding between them and moved over by lead on the attempted coup aborted the month of December 2000. It was after this event that i had. O.G. began to dismantle the F.N.P. and he named Colonel Ahmed Hassan (Yemeni origin) at its head. Being of Arab origin that did not last and have no ambitions of power against the regime. We believe that it will remain in this position as qu’IOG have not completed the dismantling of the power of the NPF or until he found a faithful unfailing place at the head of the security force (since the Colonel was retired early and replaced by Colonel Hassan Djama).

Currently, the NPF is back in the fold of the SDS and running to the letter the orders it receives from the service.

The NPF is not only responsible for maintaining order in Djibouti, but it is also responsible for several years on the judicial level with IOG It therefore has the right to institute judicial inquiries which may allow it to imprison individuals in prison Gabode. And on this plan, the NPF does not interfere at all and has even become the expert in Djibouti to arbitrarily detain people unjustly.

The SDS has a clear preference for it in actions that are intended to coerce or to imprison people on whom the service wants to punish, punish, or give an unforgettable lesson.

This police force is also the means of action from the President to oppose vigorously any break and mass movement of population or opposition groups.

It is therefore the ideal instrument of state repression especially since the methods it uses are always appeal to a bestial brutality incommensurate with the real maintenance of legal order.

Also, be aware that F.N.P. is also a tool of influence on the population and it is usually the vehicle that rumors that the SDS wants to circulate within the population so that it is disorienting to a given direction is the concern or alarm. In effect of this force depends on security, the General Intelligence Service (RG) whose officers have a special relationship with the SDS

This does not hesitate to use it for special missions inside or outside the country, some elements of general information which it has complete confidence.

However, the measures that followed the departure of General Yacin Yabeh participated in the emergence of a sense of discontent within the party. This feeling did not externalized but may in the near future occur especially if those in power was facing a severe social crisis on a national level.

However and at the NPF, implement and execute the directives of the Presidency strictly and without qualms. We can therefore say that it participates directly in management of men and ideas of the people of Djibouti as well as the SDS, or Army National Gendarmerie Nationale.

C) The National Police

It is a body inherited from the colonial tradition and whose existence has been maintained after independence on the orders of former President Gouled entering another had entrusted the task to ensure his safety and that of the Presidency addition to other tasks she was performing on the national level. Indeed, the Force is up to now has responsibility for conducting investigations and court proceedings. It may also be called to maintain order in the second position after the NPF before the National Army third.

Unlike F.N.P. under the Ministry of Interior, the Force is attached to the Ministry of Defense and is considered part of the National Armed Forces.

However since 2001 it took its independence from the staff of the National Army and its leader Colonel Cheick Ahmed Mahdi, did everything to make it an instrument of safety performance for power. But unfortunately for him, I.O.G. does not share this view and distrusts the Colonel, who because of his chaotic personality, he too reminder General Yacin Yabeh who ended up rebelling against him.

The reality of that suspicion has recently been confirmed since early this year, there was a very serious confrontation between them after qu’IOG had separated the Presidential Guard of the Gendarmerie Nationale. This decision not only significantly reduced the size of the force but also demonstrated Colonel Mahdi, the Presidency did not really trust him, subtracting its security at the police station he runs.

Thereafter, who reported dissatisfaction in several different ways, he was placed under arrest and only the intervention of his uncle Cheick Cheick Moussa Suleiman (large significant mamassan) has allowed him to keep his post until now command . Again, we believe that the split is consumed and only the slightest opportunity, she burst into the open by one way or another.

In this regard, the police itself, it seems clear qu’IOG He had no confidence and it will continue to weaken more, to make it disappear by integrating a body like the FNP or New Republican Guard responsible for its security. For now, what is certain is that this situation creates tremendous uncertainty about the future of professional policemen. This feeling of uncertainty and abandonment is also maintained by the regime’s decision to end their security mission of some hot spots and capital to the national economy, as the port or airport in order to given the responsibility to private companies whose professionalism is poor.

Given the job insecurity that looms on the horizon, the police are all waiting for a national event, large enough to react according to their personal interests.

Still, seeing that nothing coming, this body continued to perform functions that normally are his, ie criminal investigations and static guard certain sensitive points as the public treasury.

In conclusion, we can easily say that the police in the state where it is now, looks like a bird that might have removed the wings completely demoralized because it is a mere shadow of itself.

d) The Army National

Responsible for safeguarding the integrity and sovereignty of the country, the National Army is actually much more used to safeguard the sustainability of the totalitarian regime of IOG, the military chiefs of the Army when them think only so get to see by IOG they often forget to care properly for men of the troops and the mission that has been entrusted by the nation.

Moreover, they are fierce competition to corner the budget made available to national defense. This phenomenon of corruption among senior officers of the Army reached unimaginable proportions, and especially not immune to IOG that far from struggling against this, promotes and encourages it by regularly providing them with extraordinary budgets drawn to the fund of public finances or the national treasury.

This collaboration to divert public funds, for the avowed purpose of avoiding these military leaders to attack a system that enriches them regularly every time a little more. Meanwhile I.O.G. do they really doing except not trust someone with whom he has very strong ties (family ties and bonds of pecuniary interests) as the Colonels and Boo Omar Houssein Djama or Colonel Kayad (Family Abdurahman Boreh) So, then that they have their attention diverted to the best way to recover the money, he built a small personal army largely responsible for its safety yet.

Indeed Hassan Said Kaireh and L / T Abdo Colonel Abdi Dembil (Head of the Presidential Guard) to speed up things and putting real flesh on foot as soon as possible, the Presidential Guard.

Our information also transfer the best elements of the Army in this new body, there is the making available of new barracks and the artillery and certainly in the near future tanks and other sophisticated equipment. For IGOs, the rest of the National Army was not interested but it seems like a fear reaction on his part against him, he began periodically through the SDS and the Military Security (IOG loyal to and controlled by Captain Omar Saeed who is the brother of the owner of National Security Mr. Hassan Saeed), among the ranks of the operations of misinformation on the demonization of the military chiefs of staff.

Indeed in the eyes of men of rank and slyly, he feels guilty and pay only those military leaders responsible for the deplorable situation in which there is the National Army and military subordinates. Moreover, I.O.G. distrust of military leaders for the simple reason that they are almost all from French forces that served before independence.

He thinks that France could possibly be used very easily to foment a coup against him in.

Hence why he wants to be his personal army, while monitoring closely the military officials, however well corrupt.

In the same context, he does not hesitate to eliminate the young cadres of the army could pose a threat to his regime because they will not return to its system of brutality and corruption.

This is all we are witnessing a complete demoralization of troops since the phenomenon of widespread corruption does not spare them.

Indeed the leaders of the national army have been completely corrupted by lure of gain is also used to tax all personal equipment and products for the military (uniforms, fuel, food, pay monthly , etc ….). This has a negative impact on working conditions and lives of soldiers and their families really have enough of that.

Again we believe that if the military could have the chance to see an alternative well-organized and mostly different from those they face in their lives today, they would not hesitate very long to join fully with weapons and baggage.

Organizationally, the National Army with several thousand men is placed directly under the orders of the Presidency for IOG is the supreme commander of the Army the same way that the Supreme Leader calls Gov’t Magistrate or Supreme Justice.

As such, therefore, he commanded the Army through its Office of Military whose leader is Hassan Said Kaireh, too. When a <<My friend and former colleague>> Minister of Defense (Mr. Kifle Ougoureh), it has a role protocol and transit searches.

In conclusion, we can say that, too, the SDS has a stranglehold on the army which in any case was well infiltrated by its own military security service who worked and still works for the SDS (to see the organization chart showing those "keys" which ruled the country with an "Iron Fist")

e) Table of the hierarchy of security Djiboutian

This simple summary table on the hierarchy of the bodies involved in security arrangements of the Republic of Djibouti demonstrates clearly excessive centralization leads to a hand down the whole system by the head of the SDS Mr. Hassan Saeed Kaireh who is also the Director of Civil Cabinet and Presidential Military. However, our readers have also noticed that there was above him, also the head of the regime (IOG), Ms. Khadra Haid, his wife, who in fact is a major operator in the country’s security policy. In a situation like that, our readers will understand the details of any security case are resolved very often at home.

What about a country run like that? Conducted, yes, because we must not forget, any case in Djibouti is automatically a matter affecting the area of national security.

f) Services Security semi-official

There are Djibouti, a number of organizations that although the names of corporations or private social organizations, non-profit (NGO) are no less security services associated with the SDS

These cases apply primarily to the various security firms and cleaning which for two or three years appeared to Djibouti. These companies are creations of Mrs. Khadra Haid that are directly related to Mr. Hassan Saeed. The capital used for their existence comes to a part of IOG and his financial henchmen (Taher Said Seif Al-Gamil, Mr Gianni Consul General of Italy, Mr. Minister Said Barkat, Djib-clean, etc ….) and another part of the banks instead of stacked ‘s execute immediately.

With the blessing and unconditional support of the Presidency, these companies provide the Office of janitorial and maintenance in public housing estates, private or semi-public of the city of Djibouti. You should know that nobody can refuse because the Presidency is involved directly in their contracts that are issued automatically.

The so-called companies are really everywhere, from the port to the Peltier hospital through the City Ministerial to ESD or business establishments Djib-clean Djib-net, Taher Saif Said Al-Gamil and from their peers. He even plans to intensify its development and expand their sphere of influence in many other parts of the state, other private businesses still resist, as well as to private homes.

This will enable the S.D.S. not only to be informed to 100% on all professional and commercial activities in Djibouti, but also on the course of the privacy of residents and residents of this country.

These companies generally work with hundreds of individuals including, of course, part comes from the demobilization process. The other part is mainly composed of young people faithful chosen by them for this purpose.

One characteristic of these employees is their young age and their perfect knowledge of the profession of arms, therefore the war.

To this is added the obligation to provide information on what they find during their hours of service and their comments about the places they are supposed to monitor or clean. Under the expanded activities of these companies, it was expected that their employees are replacing in the future custodians and housekeepers of Ethiopian origin who currently serve in private homes in Djibouti.

Regarding profit organizations ie social organizations created to work with and social development, he must know too, they are the same as the companies mentioned above. Early in his reign, I.O.G. not really convinced of the effectiveness of the RPP he had inherited from President Gouled had intensified and multiplied the establishment of small NGOs.

In this way he expected "frame" stronger population and thus win his favor by collecting as much information about her and every individual to keep them as usual through threats, intimidation etc ….

This desire was that the administrative authorities to create a national NGO has been for a long time under an obligation to provide information to the SDS Apart from small neighborhood associations, there are also large bodies of Djibouti also to social purpose for which some are known regionally or internationally. But they are nothing other than dispensing information or "framing" science of people and ideas.

This applies to the union of Djiboutian Women (UNFD), in the case of at least one of the two unions to defend workers’ interests and Djibouti in the case of the so-called parties Opposition are completely corrupt and infiltrated by elements of the SDS.