02/08/10 (B563) ARD / Lettre de félicitations (en Anglais) adressée par le Président de l’ARD, M. Ahmed Youssouf Houmed au nouveau Président du Somaliland S.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud.


President of Somaliland Republic
Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud


Paris, 29 July 2010


Mr President and dear Brother,

It is to the Djibouti People, of Republican Alliance for the Development and on my personal behalf that I present my sincere congratulations to you, for your election with the report heading brother of Somaliland, and your official confirmation as the 4th President of the Republic of Somaliland in 27th of this month.

Mr President and dear brother, allow me to remember you that our political organization the Republican Alliance for the Development – A.R.D is an emanation of the organization politico-soldier of the Djiboutian Opposition United Front – F.U.O.D of which the F.R.U.D (Front for Restoration of the Unity and Democracy) directed by our late lamented Ahmed Dini Ahmed. We had as of this time constant your fight against the régime dictatorial of Siad Barre and encouraged the accuracy of your combat.

Thereafter, we had been the first Djibouti movement has to recognize and to support the proclamation of the Republic of Somaliland in 1992. Those reasons justified the various meetings between our late lamented President Mohammed Ahmed Issa – Cheiko, President of the F.U.O.D at this time, and your second late lamented President Mohammed Hadji Ibrahim Egal. And then with his successor Mr Mahdi Ibrahim A. God actually Vice-President of our party ARD.

Since, we accompanied and supported in any time, all the claims of your young Republic for its legitimate recognition so much near the Foreign Diplomats and of the representatives of the International Organizations.

Dear President, by this consultation of last June 26, which coincides with the 50ème birthday of the independence of your country, your people showed an exemplary courage and a tenacity without fault for the realization of a real democratic and peaceful alternation, in spite of the constitutional rape of the former brains trust.

The respect of the democratic expression of the citizens is the essential means guaranteeing a honorable political alternation. It is this means and thanks to the political maturity of your people that today your Republic is a single and viable example in a disturbed area and in prey with political and military violence.

True democratic revolution for all the area, your election constitutes for our party the pledge of a consolidation of the fraternal relations between our two people.

Together we hope to work in this direction.

A.R.D President
M. Ahmed Youssouf Houmed