24/03/11 (B596) Courrier des lecteurs : l’injustice au camp Lemonier, sous commandement US (En anglais) Les travailleurs djiboutiens civils du camp, dénoncent les injustices sociales, les conditions de travail et de rémunération …

To: US Ambassador
HOA Commanding Officer
PAE President

To whom it may concern

After 9/11 terrorism attack in Unites State of America that left the tragic memory to the entire world the US troops arrived for the first time in Djibouti Camp lemonier as part of the Operation Enduring Freedom.

Djibouti is one of the strategic areas in golf of Aden and Horn of Africa that allowed the US troops succeed their operations smoothly. The local community has played tremendous role of the operation enduring freedom.

In Camp lemonier there are more than 10 nations’ troops, contractor and employees.

There are Americans, Philippines, Indians, Other African and European nations.

Among the above nations we, the local community have always been victim.

We are victim in our country under our flag. There has never ever been any attack, violence or other bad actions against US troops or other nation in the camp.

We have done everything possible to welcome and satisfy the US troops.

For all the effort we have done you replied to treat our men like SLAVES while they use our women as PROSTITUTE. We work 24/7 in the camp and there is no food facility for us.

We are not toys we are human just like you, they feed the dogs around the camp but for us if a colleague donate a can of drink to local employee then it is automatic termination of employment. That means we have less value than the animal they feed.

Our termination just comes without reason.

No promotions and increase of the salary instead PAE decrease our salary.

Recently deduction to force and salary was announced by PAE effective 01 April 2001.

When we asked them what was the reason they replied that they do not have budget for the local; instead they hire more Philippines and other nations, this does not make any sense.

After all our hard work, dedication, respect and peace; is this what we deserve?

Is this what the United State of America (Big Nation) should do to small peaceful community?

Is this the justice of United State of America?