21/08/07 (B409) SH NETWORK / Ce mardi : au moins dix blessés civils et un policier, dans 3 explosions de grenades dans Mogadiscio – Somalia: 10 wounded in grenade blasts in Mogadishu (Info lecteur – En Anglais)

At least ten people, including one policeman, have been wounded in separate grenade blasts in south of the capital, Mogadishu, Tuesday.

3 grenade explosions targeted government troops patrolling around Bar Ubah and Blacksea neighborhoods, south of the capital.

Witnesses reported that four civilians and a police officer were hurt in the incidents.

The troops opened fire indiscriminately after the blasts that occurred minutes of one another, according residents. The roads into those areas have been blocked by government forces.

In a similar incident, five civilians have been injured after unknown gunmen hurled a grenade at the base of Somali police in Hmar Jadiid district.

Mohammed Abdulahi, a resident, told Shabelle that the grenade missed the soldiers’ base and landed at a residential home wounding five people inside.

The troops soon sealed off the zone, halting commuter buses from using the main road in Hamar Jadiid.

Medina hospital sources said that 12 people who were wounded explosions have been admitted to the hospital on Tuesday.

19/08/07 (B409) Shabelle Network – Somalie : L’un leaders traditionnels et des plus influents a été tué par une balle à Mogadiscio, pour des raisons encore indéterminées – Somalia: Leading elder gunned down in Mogadishu (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

One the prominent traditional elders in Mogadishu, Moalim Harun moalim Yusuf has been shot dead by unknown assailants late on Saturday at Yaqshid District in Mogadishu,

According to eyewitnesses who were at the scene told to Radio Shabelle that unidentified armed men attacked his home firing more bullets on Moalin Harun who was on that time sitting in front of his house when the attack was taking place.

The cause of his killig is unclear.

The deceased was one of the elders who had been attending the reconciliation congress currently continuing in Mogadishu.

This incident may cause major shock in the public.

13/08/07 (B408) Shabelle. net / Au moins 16 tués ce lundi en Somalie – Somalia: 16 killed in Mogadishu (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Mogadishu 13, August.07 ( Sh.M.Network) At least 11 people, including two policemen, have been killed in north Mogadishu, the Somali capital, on Monday afternoon.

Witnesses told Shabelle that a roadside bomb which was detonated by a remote control targeted a government military pickup truck, killing two soldiers on board.

Shafi Omar, a witness, told Shabelle that a contingent of Ethiopian troops was based closer to the site of the explosion when the government car was passing.

“When the landmine blasted, there were two commuter buses moving along the street and the Ethiopians riddled the buses full of passengers with bullets. Seven passengers instantly died in the first bus while three were killed in the next one,” he said.

Omar also pointed that he was the first civilian to rush to the area to help the victims after the incidents. “It was horrible; a large number of people have been wounded. There was blood everywhere inside the buses,” he said.

The wounded were rushed to the hospital and the Ethiopians went back to their base, he said.

The Somali government could not be reached for comments.

Hospital sources said that the number of people who sustained bullet wounds and admitted to the hospital was being brought one after another.

Meanwhile five civilians have been killed separately in Mogadishu Monday. Three have been killed and a dozen more have been wounded after a roadside bomb exploded at a minibus carrying a number of passengers near kilometer 4 intersection, a military base for the AU/AMISOM troops.

Two others were killed two after series of grenade blasts targeted the government soldiers in north of the capital. Witnesses said the blasts killed only civilians.

The incidents happen as Human Rights Watch condemned the Ethiopian troops in Somalia of recklessly bombing residential areas.

“There is strong evidence that the indiscriminate bombardment of populated neighborhoods by Ethiopian forces was intentional,” the report added. “Commanders who knowingly or recklessly order indiscriminate attacks are responsible for war crimes,” Kenneth Roth, executive director for Human Rights Watch.

Somalia has had no central effective government since 1991 when warlords toppled former dictator, Siad Barre.

10/08/07 (B407) Sh.M.Network Nouvelle fermeture de Radio Shabelle à Mogadiscio, à la demande des autorités somaliennes. Cela fait la cinquième intervention de ce genre !!! Somali’s transitional government has shut down Shabelle radio, the major media station in Mogadishu on Friday morning and arrested some of its staff working today. (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Around 9:30am local time, the soldiers raided the station entering the radio’s rooms and took all the journalists on work. into the custody And ordered the shut down the station which is free media outlet.

The latest radio closure came as recently the Ethiopian embassy threatened to Shabelle that it would be closed over how it covers the current stories.

It is not yet clear why the current government closed down Shabelle radio this time.

The acting chairman of Shabelle Media Network and other nine of its staff including reporters, anchors, presenters and technician.

The arrested staff members include:
1. Jafar Mohamed Kukay
the acting chairman of Shabelle Media Network.
2. Nimo Hassan Abdi, (reporter)
3. Aideed Abdirahman (reporter)
4 Ahmed Tajir, news anchor
5. Abdinor Mohamed Kediye (reporter) and News Caster
6. Mustafa Hussein Omar (Presenter)
7. Cali Ajeey. (Farsamo yaqaan).
8. Mucawiye (Presenter)
9. Bile Abudlahi (Presenter)

It is the fifth time that the government closes down the independent Shabelle Media network for covering the current facts.

06/08/07 (B407) SH M NETWORK / Somalia explains its military operations in the capital. (Info lecteur)

Mogadishu 05, August.07 ( Sh.M.Network)- A government soldier was wounded in a grenade explosion in Suuq Baad, north of Mogadishu, the Somali capital, on Sunday. Witnesses said unknown gunmen hurled a grenade at government troops moving inside the market.

All shops in the market were closed down following the blast which sparked mad rush among the traders. Government troops sealed off the whole area, opening fire, witnesses said.

Nonetheless the Somali and Ethiopian troops have conducted massive house-to-house search operations in a large part of Mogadishu on Sunday.

The troops halted all movements of passenger buses and ordinary people walking inside Bakara market, the capital’s largest open-air market where 80% of the population goes for work.

In a press conference he held, Abdulahi Hassan Baris, the head of the Somali police force, has told journalists that the operation was meant to secure the capital, indicating that it will continue indefinitely.

He reiterated that the government troops were never involved in robbery. “Government troops will pacify Mogadishu,” he said.

03/08/07 (B406) SH NETWORK / Somalie : une grenade tue un militaire éthiopien au Nord de Mogadiscio. Somalia: A Grenade blast kills an Ethiopian soldier in north Mogadishu (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Aweys Osman Yusuf

Mogadishu 02, August.07 ( Sh.M.Network)- An Ethiopian soldier was killed while a Somali civilian was wounded after unknown gunmen hurled a grenade at 4 Ethiopian soldiers passing by the main road of Ex-Control Balad in north of Mogadishu, the Somali capital, on Thursday.

Witnesses said the Ethiopians opened fire at every direction after the explosion. "Unknown gunmen hurled a grenade at 4 Ethiopian troops crossing the intersection. The blast instantly killed one of them, while the others opened fire indiscriminately," said one witness, who refused to be named.

A large number of Ethiopian troops soon arrived at the site of the blast sealing off the whole vicinity and searching houses nearby.

Meanwhile, at least ten people have been killed and more than 25 have been wounded in Mogadishu last night after a barrage of mortar bombs exchanged by Ethiopian troops based in the capital and suspected Islamist-led insurgents targeted a residential area of Odweyne in Hodan district, south of the capital.
Women and children were among the dead.

03/08/07 (B406) SH NETWORK : Sortir de l’impasse consitutionnelle en Somalie : le débat est lancé par des parlementaires sur la légitimité du Premier Ministre. Somalia lawmakers deadlocked in the country’s decisions (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Aweys Osman Yusuf

Mogadishu 01, August.07 ( Sh.M.Network)- Members of Somalia’s interim parliament demanded that president, Abdulahi Yusuf, interfere in the bitter debate among the parliamentarians over whether to vote for enabling the parliament to have the capacity to stay update with the decisions made by the Western-backed transitional government.

Asha Abdalla, a lawmaker, lashed out at Prime Minister, Ali Mohammed Gedi, stating that his government was illegitimate and that its mandate expired already.

She called on the president to come forward before the parliament and take part in resolving the deadlock within the legislative body.

"It is legal that the government should ask for confident votes from the parliament for every single judgment it is making, and it is our federal charter," she said in an interview with Shabelle on Wednesday.

There was a harsh debate in the parliament’s latest get-together on Tuesday as lawmakers were divided between supporters and opponents of the motion to deal with the government’s conclusions.

Salad Ali Jelle, Somalia deputy defense minister and lawmaker, opposed the notion, indicating that it was not the time the parliament should argue over such a motion.

"My bureau has done a great job for this country. I do not anticipate that the parliament should debate whether it must ask to keep abreast of my decisions, but I rather expect compliments from the transitional parliament," he said while addressing the legislators on Tuesday.

The parliament argument comes as the government was engaged in pacifying the volatile city, Mogadishu, where the country’s national reconciliation conference has been maintaining for the 17th day.

President Yusuf, who is currently in the semiautonomous province of Puntland in northeast Somalia, has made no comments on the issue yet.

03/08/07 (B406) SH NETWORK – Des tirs de mortier éthiopien causent la mort de 10 civils et blessent 25 personnes à Mogadiscio. Ethiopian mortar bombs kill ten in Somalia capital overnight (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Aweys Osman Yusuf

Mogadishu 02, August.07 ( Sh.M.Network)- Nearly ten people have been killed and more than 25 have been wounded in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, in overnight barrage of mortar bombs exchanged by Ethiopian troops based in the capital and suspected Islamist-led insurgents.

Witnesses reported Thursday that more than 40 mortar rounds fired by Ethiopian troops based in Mogadishu’s biggest football stadium and former Somali Defense Ministry targeted the residential area of Odweyne in Hodan district, south of the capital, claiming the lives of at least ten civilians, including four women, and wounding more than 25.

One of the residents, who asked to remain anonymous because he was afraid of reprisal, told Shabelle that a group of insurgents attacked the Ethiopian bases from the residence, firing mortars.

"The Ethiopians in the Stadium and in former Somalia Defense Ministry responded with more than 50 artillery bombs. After the Ethiopians stopped bombing us, the neighbors came out trying to rush the wounded to Medina hospital, but we were stopped by government troops somewhere closer to the hospital, sparking the death of two of the wounded after hemorrhaging," he said, indicating that the soldiers later allowed them to proceed to the hospital.

Our reporter, Abdirahman Yusuf, in the area said the people who died in last night’s incident included three people from the same family same home. "There were also children that were among the dead," he said.

The insurgents also attacked the government troops positioned in Villa Baidoa, near the capital’s international airport. The head of the government police forces assigned to pacify the capital, Col. Hussein Dhumal, told Shabelle that unknown gunmen attacked the troops.

"They killed a poor woman who was selling tea and wounded nine soldiers. It was kind of hit and run attack. It was barbaric," he said.

He accused the Islamist rebels of targeting innocent civilians. "They always claim the lives innocent Somalis. They have killed a poor woman who was earning income from selling tea in the open to feed her own children," he said

On Tuesday, six people were killed and a dozen more were wounded in Mogadishu after a roadside bomb targeting a government battlewagon was remotely detonated.
Witnesses said the bomb exploded after the pick-up truck mounted with anti-tank gun, carrying a number of Somali troops passed the road where it was planted.

"Many people were moving along the road when it was remotely blown up by unknown gunmen. The troops opened fire indiscriminately, getting on their journey," said, Derie Ali, a witness.

More than 150 people, most of them civilians, are believed to have been killed in Mogadishu violence since government troops occupied the capital’s open-air market, Bakara, in early July.