27/03/05 (B291) Manifestation du 8 avril 2005 à Ottawa, contre la mascarade d’élection présidentielle. ARKE GUELLEH. Comment vous y rendre ? Communiqué en Anglais.(Djibwatch)


election masquerade in Djibouti

expatriates living in Canada in association with several others Canadians groups
are organizing a demonstration against the election masquerade in Djibouti.
demonstration will be held on Friday April 8, 2005 between 12 pm and 6pm in front
of the American embassy in Ottawa on Mackenzie Ave a few blocks from rideau center,
behind the hotel Laurier.

Guelleh ignores the claims of the Djiboutian people and refuses to organizes a
fair and just election.

Government’s human rights record remains poor, and it continues to commit serious
abuses. The regime limited citizens’ rights to change their government.
opposition parties are boycotting the upcoming presidential election, the UAD
(Union of Democratic Alliance) claims the lack of fairness, transparency and integrity.

On the last legislative
election the opposition claims of massive fraud centered on the electoral list,
which was not made public, and accusations that the Government stuffed ballot
boxes, mobilized military units to vote multiple times and intimidate opposition
supporters, and changed vote counts in some districts.

plead of Djiboutian around the world, to the international community, the regime
continue its oppression against civilians.

are making a call to all Djiboutian democrats residing in Ottawa to join us and
let say together:

Guelleh !’.

can fool some people some sometimes. But you cannot fool all the people all the

A web
site (discussion forum about the election) is available online at www.djibwatch.org/forum