24/08/06 (B 363-B) Somalie – Point de vue – Selon l’ancien Président somalien Abdikassim (issu du processus contesté d’Arta, mais gloire éphémère de Guelleh), les Ethiopiens sont accusés de manipuler le Gouvernement de transition d’Abdul i Yusuf et de rêver à un partage du pays …. (En anglais Sh.M.Network – info lecteur)

Ex-Somali president Abdikasim: Ethiopia dreams of splitting up Somalia
By Aweys Osman Yusuf

Mogadishu 22, August. 06 ( Sh.M.Network) Former Somalian president Abdikasim Salad Hassan held a press conference at his headquarter today condemning Ethiopia for managing and controlling the Somali interim government led by president Abdul i Yusuf.

He praised the Islamists’ seizure over the capital Mogadishu.

“ The Union of Islamic Courts have been formed in the general interest of the Somali people and it exists because of them”, said Abdikasim, adding that the Islamists would save the Somali people.

Abdikasim blamed Ethiopia for violating IGAD decisions that called not to give safe heaven to the defeated Mogadshu warlords.

“The Somali government which was supposed to honestly serve the Somali population has chosen to be puppet of Ethiopia that desperately requires to disintegrate Somalia”, Abdikasim, former Somali president said.

This is the first time Abdikasim Salad Hassan has spoken about the issues of Somalia since the Union of Islamic Courts overpowered former tribal warlords.
He urged the Islamists to welcome the international community that is interested in the unity of Somalis, including the United States, Europeans and Arabs.