27/11/06 (B371) Somalie / Sh Network : Les officiels des tribunaux islamiques appellent les populations d’Abuwaq à se préparer à la Guerre Sainte contre l’Ethiopie. (En anglais – info lecteur)

in central Somalia urge people to take part in a Jihad war with Ethiopia

Aweys Osman Yusuf

26, Nov.06 ( Sh.M.Network) – The Union of Islamic Courts senior officers
in central Somalia have today spoken to the civilian population in Abudwaq
where residents have been fleeing since yesterday in fear of war.

hundreds of civilians have participated in huge rally held in the town square
where number of Islamist leaders in Abudwaq has delivered speeches, urging
people to line behind the Union of Islamic Courts.
Sheik Ali Bashir Ahmed Omar, the commander of Islamist fighters in Abudwaq,
has told spectators not to be afraid and take part in what he called the jihad
war against the Ethiopian invaders.

The rally
came after civilians was most scared of a possible war that could explode
between Ethiopian troops and Islamists that are in control of most strategic
areas central and southern Somalia, including the capital Mogadishu.

in Abudwaq have also banned the civilian population from taking weapons in
the town, threatening they would take punitive measures based on the Islamic
law against non-Islamists caught with carrying a weapon in the town.

has had no government since 1991 when tribal warlords toppled former president
Siad Barre.