26/11/06 (B371) Train Djibouti – Addis / Une entreprise italienne gagne l’appel offre pour réparer les 118 kms de voie (sur 784 au total) les plus dégradés, pour cause d’absence d’entretien ….(WIC / info lecteur)

Ababa, November 25, 2006 (WIC) – The Ethio-Djibouti Railway Company said the
winner of the bid for the repair work of the 114kms railway has been identified.

Manager of the company, Tiume Tekie,declared the Italian company Consta as
a winner, adding that repair work would begin within two months.

of the 784 kms railway stretching from Ethiopia to Djibouti, the seriously
damaged 114kms is given priority as it has long been neglected following the
Ethio-Somali war that inflicted grave destruction on the route.

Agreement with the winner company would soon
be concluded, the General Manager added.

Following the agreement, the company will
establish a factory that produces rail concrete and iron frames, Tiume further

The study for the repair work has been carried
out by the European Union, he said, adding that the cost for the current maintenance
work would also be covered by the Union.

On completion of the repair work, the company
plans to procure 20 new trains and carriages fitted with modern communication
instruments, Tiume said.

Negotiations are also underway to give the
company in contract from 20-25 years so as to further enhance its activities,
the General Manager concluded.