27/03/07 (B388-A) BBC : Six foot-balleurs érythréens auraient demandé le droit d’Asile à l’Angola (En Anglais – Info lectrice) Six Eritrean footballers have requested asylum in Angola after their 2008 African Cup of Nations qualifier a United Nations official has said.

can confirm there are these six football players and they requested asylum

They are in the custody of the Angolan authorities,” the official said,
requesting anonymity.

Neither the UN High Commissioner for Refugees nor the Angolan football
federation were immediately available for comment.

Angola beat Eritrea 6-1 on Sunday to leave them five points clear at the head
of Group Six.

Eritrea is a one-party state, with no free press
of any kind.

Amnesty International reports that anyone suspected of supporting
the opposition faces indefinite detention and torture.