25/05/07 (B397) Afar Friends in Sweden – Communiqué de presse sur la conférence pour le développement de la langue AFAR. THE AFAR LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE (En Anglais)


reached by the Conference concerning progress in writing the Afar language

A conference was held in Uppsala between May 21- 25th 2007, attended by delegates
from Djibouti, Etirtrea, Ethiopia and some European countries.

The agenda considered 4 questions.

1. The
present stage of development in writing of the Afar language
2. Difficulties encountered up to the present time
3. Solutions remaining to be considered
4. future development to envisaged concerning the writing of the Afar language
4. Future development

4 talking points concerned the stages reached and the difficulties encountered
to date. Difficulties resolved and under consideration were thoroughly examined.

The first 3 itemes on the agenda required extensive discussion and deliberation.
Also the delegates spent considerable time discussing progress regarding the
Afar script.

It was evident that there were at least three possible choices.

1. 3
using Arabic script
2. 5  » »’ Latin  » » »
3. 4  » » »invented scripts

So far
there are 3 countries where versions of the Latin script are in use. Djibouti,
Ethiopia both use the same, while the Eritreaan script differs with regard
to 3 litters. The discussion resulted in four possibillites in recording the
Afar language.

1. The
necessity to resolve the issue concerning the renderings of the 3 letters
as soon as possible

2. Responsible
Afar from the 3 countries need to make progress in presenting wise councel

3. It
is necessary for competent language experts to examine and record progress
and resolve difficulties and problems named

4. Progress
in resolving the issues in every situation need to be considered at a yearly

those gathered at this vital and valuable conference both in their own names
and as representatives of the Afar people wish to render hearfelt thanks to
Afar Friends in Sweden, Sida, ABF, Forum Syd and for organising and making
this important conference possible.

, May 25th 2007
Afar Friends in Sweden