15/08/07 (B408) BBC / Deux personnes portées disparues après une éruption volcanique en Ethiopie. Fears after volcano in Ethiopia (En Anglais – Info lectrice)

Two people are reported missing in the remote north-eastern Afar region of Ethiopia after a volcanic eruption over the weekend.

The lava flow forced hundreds of villagers to flee from the area, according to the Ethiopian News Agency.

Investigators and relief supplies have been dispatched to the area near the border with Eritrea and Djibouti.

Correspondents say Ethiopia’s only active volcano, Mount Erta Ale, erupted in 2005 displacing thousands people.

It also caused the loss of hundreds of livestock.

« The river of lava forced residents of the nearby villages of Dayulu and Gomoyta to flee for their lives, » regional official Mohamed Hayu told ENA.

Mount Erta Ale is in the Danakil Depression, one of the lowest and hottest places on Earth also known for its salt mines.