22/04/08 (B444) Press TV / Somalie : 214 morts dans les derniers combats ! 214 killed in fresh Mogadishu violence (En Anglais – info lecteur)

A wounded man is brought to Madina hospital in Mogadishu

Ethiopian troops have killed over 214 Somali civilians and injured 398 in Mogadishu while 2000 others have been missing, Hawiye Clan Elders say.

Hawiye clan Elders said the death toll in the recent round of violence in Mogadishu have made them to reconsider the ongoing talks of the Clan with the government of Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hossein, a Press TV correspondent reported on Monday.

They also called on international community to take measure to stop the genocide by Ethiopians which is underway in Mogadishu.

Hawiye, the largest Somali clan is the dominant one in Mogadishu since 2007.

In another incident on Monday, Ethiopian soldiers took 42 students to an unknown place after the troops captured a district in north Mogadishu.

Somalia’s capital has known little but near-daily shootouts, roadside bombings and assassinations since Ethiopian troops helped oust Islamist rulers from Mogadishu in early 2007.