26/04/08 (B445) Press TV : 100 insurgés armés attaquent la maison du commandant de la Police dans la région de Dharkenley. Le sort du commandant est toujours incertain. Somali police commander house attacked (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Heavy clashes have erupted between guards of Somali police commander in Dharkenley district and armed men raiding the commander’s house.

About 100 armed insurgents with heavy weapons attacked the house of Dharkenley police commander, killing four of his guards.

The assailants took the heavy weapons from the commander’s house and set his house on fire.

The fate of the commander is still unknown because the police were unavailable when Press TV’s Somalia correspondent contacted them.

In the meantime, the Somali police commander appointed a new police commander for Bay and Baidoa regions.

The former police commander of Bay has been accused of not obeying the orders of his senior officers.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for Al-Shabaab fighters told journalists in Somalia that the former police chief of Bay will be hunted despite having resigned from his post.

Sheikh Mukhtar Abu-Mansur added that the former police commander should explain about the people who went missing after he and his colleagues captured them.