28/04/08 (B445) PRESS TV : Les forces des Tribunaux islamiques et Al Shabbab s’emparent de 6 villes en Somalie. UIC fighters take over 6 Somali towns (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

The Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) and al-Shabaab fighters have seized at least six towns in Somalia’s southwestern region of Baidoa.

The fighters simply took control over the towns of Jowhar, Daynunay, Idaale, Diinsoor as well as two others, driving Somali and Ethiopian troops out of the towns, a Press TV correspondent reported.

In another Somalia development, 17 Somali government troops have succumbed to death in Medina Hospital due to wounds sustained in bitter clashes with armed men.

The clashes also claimed the lives of eight injured civilians being treated in the hospital.

Meanwhile, 14 Somali troops have been gunned down in front of Villa Baidoa, South Mogadishu, when they came under attack from a group of gunmen. The troops were said to be unable to return to their base due to ensuing battle.