01/06/08 (B450) Shabelle Network – De nouvelles vagues de torture commises par les forces éthiopiennes dans des prisons secrétes en Somalie à Beledweyne (Jante Kundishe). “Shock” new waves of torture in Beledweyne (En Anglais)

The residents of Beled Weyne town the provincial capital of Hiran Region [in central of Somalia] are worried over a secret prison established by Ethiopian troops in Jante Kundishe locality.

Mohamed Ali, who is one of Beled Weyne residents, told Shabelle that the Ethiopian troops held dozens of people in the new prison.

Most of these people were young people who had fled the continuing fighting in Mogadishu and anti-Ethiopian groups.

Ali has further said that the Ethiopian troops had also arrested several elders and businessmen in the region and were still conducting investigations to establish whether they had any links with the Islamists.

The residents of Beled Weyne are also concerned about additional Ethiopian troops who have set up military bases in the city.

Since the overthrow of Siad Barre’s 21-year government in January 1991, civil conflict has torn Somalia apart, leading to the collapse of the state and the economy. In addition, threatened by drought and famine, the surviving population faces further massive loss of life.

Civilians are being raped and mutilated, with the victims systematically targeted on account of their clan origin-political based purposes.

Thousands of civilians were displaced.

Journalists were arrested and human rights defenders threatened in several areas.

The fighting between Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and its opponents has killed civilians and livestock, destroyed infrastructure, and displaced thousands.