30/07/08 (B458) WALTA.INFO / L’Ethiopie donne des diplômes à des journalistes somaliens / Ethiopia graduates trained Somali journalists (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

ARDHD : des journalistes à sa botte ???

Ethiopia this week graduated Somali journalists who has been following a month long professional training in Ethiopia. State ministry of information said.

The training which is part of Ethiopia’s ongoing capacity building support to Somalia and multifarious cooperation accord between Ethiopia and Somalia was given based on an offer from Ethiopian ministry of information in cooperation with public owned media bodies.

Speaking at the graduation, Ethiopian Minister of Information Berhan Hailu said the training was offered as part of a multifarious cooperation accord between Ethiopia and neighboring Somalia.

Minister Berhan said the trainees should be able to play roles to help their country achieve durable peace and stability.

He said his ministry will do whatever is necessary to make the relations between the two countries stronger.

The trainees through their representative said the courses offered to them were important to bolster their professional skills.

The trainees received courses related to radio journalism and technical aspects of the radio media.

A number of Somali journalists are reported of being forced to leave their country to other neighboring countries as a result of physical attacks, intimidation and wide abuses they face back at home from some anti-TFG elements.

In recent months a number Somali journalist serving in state owned and private media in Somalia have crossed borders to Ethiopia fleeing intimidations and persecutions of Al-Shabab, and the Islamic Courts Union (ICU).