03/08/08 (B459) Profond désaccord entre le Premier Ministre et le Président du GNT (Somalie) / Great misunderstanding between Somali president and his Prime Minister (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

This brawl between the President of transitional federal government Mr. Abdullahi Yussuf Ahmed, and his Prime Minster Noor Hassan Hussein Noor Ade, was a long standing one.

But it came out in the day sun shine after the premier Noor Ade made inactive the mayor of mogadishu city Mr. Mohamed Omar Habeb Mohamed Dere.

The other major issue that is creating the eneminty between the two top governmental ranking officers in the Somali transitional government include how the peace process is manged by each of them, and that is why Noor Ade was not contanted with the work of the city mayor, and without the knowladge of the head of the state acted and denounced the city mayor.

There are some other government officials who are likely to lost their ranks, within the words of premier noor Ade,but Mr. Yussuf seems not to sharing the same concept with his premier. Yussuf himself considers these officers as worthy ones, and said that are good for fighting against rivals.

There are number of plans to overthrow premier Noor Ade from Power through the parliament, and indiate him in many things which all the thinking brains cannot absorbe, such as taking the national income which was evere standing issue within the Somali transitional government.

To the concept of many of the Somali people premier Noor Ade is very moderate man, and peace activist, who often dreams of bringing together the Somali population.

The who government of Ethiopia has not yet involved its self to mediate the scuffle between these toppest government officials, Ethiopian government backed by the great super power(US) is the country that paved the way for the Somali transitional federal government to safe arrive in the capital Mogadishu, after ousting the Islamic Courts Union which was in control of south and central Somalia.

There was similar scuffle between the succesor of Noor Ade(Ali Mohamed Gedi) and president Yussuf which Ethiopian was the solo runner to curb the brawl between them.

This collusion between the government coincides with time when there is similar misunderstanding between the officials of the Islamic Courts Union.

The end of the cat and mouse game between the somali leaders is not clear.

Mohamed Omar Hussein