09/08/08 (B460) Shabelle Network : Selon le Président du GNT, son Premier Ministre organise des réunions inutiles. Somali President, PM hold Fruitless meeting-sources (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

By:Abdinasir Guled

The two top government officials of president Yusuf and premier Nor Adde have jointly held crucial meeting that ended up with unproductive Sources close to Somali premier and the president told Shabelle.

The meeting that took place on Thursday afternoon was meant to stamp out the frenzied disagreement between the two officials that embarked on when the prime minister has sacked Mogadishu mayor Mohamed Omar Habeb Mohamed Dhere.

Although it’s indistinct the outline of the official’s meeting but officials close to them those declined to identify told Shabelle that two men have left the meeting place with no result.

The meeting was the first one stuck between the president and the premier since the two men have came to blows over the dismissal of Mogadishu mayor.

It’s yet unknown whether third party participated the meeting.

The current divergences among the president and the prime minister are the third erupt in the top government officials.

The first disagreement was between the president and the former parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, the second one was among the president and former PM Ali Mohamed Gheddi while the last one the recent one between president Yusuf and prime minister Nor Hassan Husein Nor Adde.